RimWorld – How to Find Pentagons on the World Map

As you all know, the world map consists of hexagons. But it’s impossible to create a perfect sphere this way, so Tynan had to cheat and use a few pentagons.

How Does It Work

Pentagons are not scattered randomly all over the map. They exist in fixed positions. Here are all pentagons that I found. May be it’s not all of them tho, I was too lazy to search for more.


First pentagon is located on the seam of western and eastern hemispheres, with coordinates

  • 31.72°N 0.00°E

Next three are located on similar coordinates:

  • 31.72°S 0.00°E
  • 31.72°N 180.00°W
  • 31.72°S 180.00°W

Second set of coordinates is next:

  • 58.28°N 90.00°E
  • 58.28°S 90.00°E
  • 58.28°N 90.00°W
  • 58.28°S 90.00°W
Created by UberhenriK

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