Risk of Rain Returns – How to Beat the Game Easily with Loader

Having trouble finishing the game with the Loader? With this guide, you will make your wishes come true.

This is one of the most unbalanced / broken and crazy playthroughs that I have ever made, making you immune to (almost) everything!

How to Make Loader Very Balanced

Before you can start the fun, you need to do 4 steps:

Step 1: It is necessary to complete a mission in the Providence Trials called the Colossal Lift, in which you will obtain the S260 Conduit, one of the Loader’s skills:

Step 2: Place the following skills before the playthrough begins:

Step 3: With or without the Artifact of Command, pick up the following items:

(You need 2 OR MORE backup magazine, after that especially pick up items that give you more damage like crowbars, ATG missiles etc.)

(Unstable Watch is only obtained after you complete the first stage in less than 5 minutes)

(The Unstable watch is optional, I only put it here to make the fight with bosses more easy and safe)

Step 4: Use the S260 Conduit, ESPECIALLY when you are fighting with the boss, when the lightning opens, attack the enemies and at the same time use the secondary skill (grants immunity for 2 seconds), it is necessary to pay attention to your life bar (the cooldown of this skill is an interval of 2 seconds), when this happens AVOID taking damage as much as possible.

Then… repeat these same processes until you defeat the boss.

Created by Guterson

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