Total Conflict: Resistance – Guide to Stability, Authority, Political Power and Dictatorship

This guide will cover the government statistics, their effects, and how to change them. This guide is based on my understanding and experiences playing as the Holstebro democracy.

The Government Statistics Guide


This represents how resistant your government is to rebellions. I think you lose, or initiate a rebellion when stability reaches 0.

This is the most important stat to be cognizant of because it is the only one that I’ve been affected by.

Events that lower stability:

  • Starvation in settlements or battalions.
  • Goods shortage Alcohol, Cigarettes, Canned food.
  • Capturing new settlements
  • World events (Events generated after a settlement or battalion has been starving for too long, or an enemy faction is destroyed)

Events that increase stability:

  • Goods in settlements and battalions. This is the best way
  • Battalions and garrisons posted in settlements. This also increases Dictatorship


I’m not sure what this represents, or how it affects the game. Authority can be modified by world events. (starvation, destroying an enemy faction). Max I’ve gotten so far is 13%.

Political Power

Just like authority, I don’t know what this does and I was only able to change it through world events. Max I’ve gotten so far is 100.


This represents how “Free” your country is. I don’t know the effects of high dictatorship vs low dictatorship. It can give some good RP value though.

How to increase Dictatorship

  • Stationing battalions and garrisons in settlements.
  • World events.

How to decrease Dictatorship

  • World events.
  • Station battalions outside of settlements and only return to restock.
  • Use squad editor to change the police or militia squad to be recon. This changes the squad size from 10 to 5. Delete all but one garrison from the settlement. *to delete the first garrison you need to have a battalion move to the settlement and station inside of it. After, you need to drag the first garrison squad on top of the second. You should now see a trash can to delete the squad. All reservists, ammo, weapons, and vehicles are refunded.
  • Using this method, I got dictatorship down to 4%. At max I got up to 90%.

How I played the game: (Faction: Holstebro Democracy, Difficulty: Hardest + Maximum rebels)


  • Build a bakery as your first building. You will need to purchase bread off the market before it finishes.
  • Improve relations with surrounding factions until you are at +50 and then create an alliance and trade agreement.
  • Research vehicles until I reach MRAP. Then Research Infantry armor until I reach spec ops.
  • Destroy the rebel battalion.
  • Produce 12.99 x 99 ammo for vehicles.
  • Move all LMG vehicles into two battalions and post them near the boarders.
  • Sell some of the starting ore that you produce.
  • Wait For wars to be declared on you. Prevents negative opinion modifiers.


  • Sell excess wheat and ore. good early and mid game money.
  • Sell any transport trucks you get. money is better than the speed boost for infantry
  • Build distilleries, cigarette factories, canning factories. Build the farms for them first
  • Build Iron processing plant + Processing plant for the ore you produce.
  • Don’t build Construction site, research lab, or bank. The residential buildings give a small bonus to construction, science, money, and population.
  • Secure alliances and trade agreements with neighboring nations. requires you to improve relations
  • Maintain two defensive battalions filled with LMG vehicles.


  • Sell off starting weapons once you have a stock pile of good weapons. Good weapons EX: FAL, M4, M4A1
  • Research LAV ASAP. This vehicle melts Light infantry vehicles.
  • Purchase LAV from market when possible; Ammo too.
  • If you get this far, then you already know what you are doing.
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