Satisfactory – Jetpack Fuel Types and When to Use Them

By the end of this guide you will be one step closer to being one of the pro’s with 1000+ hours.

Packaged Bio-Fuel

Packaged bio-fuel is a good fuel source as it is less power but it makes up for insane fuel efficiency.

Use this if you want to go long distances with maximum efficiency.

Packaged Turbo-Fuel

Turbo fuel is good for scaling high area’s and a good fuel for generator’s.

Use this if you need a quick boost to get out (or in) bad situation’s.

Packaged Fuel

Packaged Fuel is (in my opinion) the least good fuel to use because it has less efficiency than bio-fuel but its slightly more power.

Use this as a starting fuel if you don’t have the other two fuels unlocked.

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