HoloParade – The Okakoro Style (+ Useful Team Build Tips)

Having trouble with unit and managing Motivation? This has become my main team and not just because oshi bias.


On writing this guide, Holoparade is a few days old, has still several bugs (Mainly typos), and future updates might change things considerably.

However, if you’re struggling with late stages, I figure out a good build while keeping my oshi arround.

The Team

Obviously, the major problem with Holoparade is its gacha system. The good news is that you can replace some of these units with others you see fit. This also means that either I might’ve missed some alternatives, and/or they’ll add better options in future updates.

However, is highly important that you get 2 units for both Cymbal and Xylophone bonuses. Mainly the former, as is the main way to get your winning condition in most stages.

Skill bonuses given is RNG hell just try to stick with the rarest ones (Yellow colored, otherwise purple). But try to focus towards generic buffs, not just those against certain auras (E.G. 5% against Red is worse than an overall 5% ATK). If anything, Movement Speed can be incredibly good for any unit in general.

Lastly, the summons you must keep atleast the Rushia cutting board. Is specially helpful in the early segments of a stage, and depending of your second pick can pile enemies for a big strike (Like Kanata’s).

Now to present the members:

Bubba is the most important member, and despite its cost it must come out as soon as you can. The Cymbal bonus increases the Motivation production, and the more Cymbal characters and other symphonies are active, the more Motivation you’ll obtain. If Bubba dies, you MUST get a new one right away, atleast in the early parts of a stage.

Knight and Robosir are mainly in the team for their incredibly low cost and tanky roles. Because they are cheap you can easily replace dead ones with new ones, keeping a steady defense while Bubba’s cymbal stays highly active. While Knight is given right at the start of the game, Robosir can be replaced by similarly cheap alternatives.

Chocolat is probably the best unit in the game just for the fact of being a healer. If you can summon two of them you are pretty much settle for the rest of the stage. I don’t know if the game has other healers, but even so its 10 cost can’t be ignored as can come out quite fast. Just make sure it stays behind the other units, as a few pushes from enemies might put it in range of attacks.

This is practically the filler slot, as Matsurisu is another replaceable unit. But you’ll need a long range attacker to deal with enemies while safe. Up to preference, but is my pick due its symphony giving defensive buffs to combine with Knights and Robosirs. So you can experiment with other units or Symphonies and see what makes you work better.

As far as I know, Mio-fams won’t attack. However, it keeps giving an attack boost to all other units.

Keep bringing more of them once you have a strong frontline to keep the buff active (And maybe stack together?). It’s most important factor however is sharing Symphony with Chocolat, increasing its healing on our units.

Okayu is your first winning condition, and once she’s out the entire stage will go in your favor. Not only has a very big projectile to deal with enemies in front of her, but will stack her Cymbal with Bubba’s and quickly produce tons of Motivation. You can replace her with Suisei since she also has Cymbal, but is way more expensive to deploy.

The Oshi, the wincon, the God Dog. Korone literally runs towards wherever the enemies are located and start dealing big strikes that will wipe out most mobs and finish bosses in a few punches. Make sure that Chocolat is present once she’s out as depending of how many enemies has to deal with, might die thank you forever in seconds.

Before We Begin

First of all we must mention the two types of stage the game has: Normal Parade and Flag.

Normal Parade is usually pretty safe and nothing unusual besides some aura enemies every now and then. You might need to use the cutting board now and then and that’s it.

Flag on the other hand, needs to point two things for the right mindset.

  • You and the enemy side basically have two barriers (The flag and Ai-chan). If the flag is taken down on your side don’t panic, specially since you are compensated with Motivation points and you can immediately summon Okayu/Korone or any other big unit you have ready to go.
  • On the other hand, if the enemy’s flag goes down it will spawn a boss which can range from just a big enemy, to a troublesome one like Shubangelion. This means that DON’T RUSH TO TAKE DOWN THEIR FLAG, as you’ll force out the boss while unprepared to deal with it. Make sure the cutting board is ready to deploy once the boss comes out.

After this quick PSA, let’s go to the main point of this guide.

The Strategy

Believe it or not, the loadout I have is also a way to show me and you the order we must deploy the units during the level. Obviously there will be some other plays, so pay attention.

One main tip to point out is that if one unit goes down, summon a new one as soon as possible, atleast in the early parts of the stage. Not only to keep the Symphonies buffs, but also have Cymbal in particular at its highest.

Also, don’t forget the higher player level, the more motivation you’ll have at the start of a stage. So not only this team will be faster to play, but you can replace units with more expensive ones.

Here’s the game plan:

  • 1) If you played games of the likes of Plants Vs Zombies or Arknights, you know the most important play to do at the start of the game is to increase your currency. Bubba must be the first unit to come out. As long one Bubba is on the field and other units start appearing, the Motivation will keep rising. If Bubba dies along other units, he must be the priority.
  • 2) Summon Knight and Robosir. These two alone will give two levels to your Cymbal, and their low cost makes them easily replaceables if they go down. Nousagi and Nekko are cheaper units and worth consideration since once Cymbal Level is high enough will practically be free units, but they will go down too easily in hard stages.
  • 3) Bring Chocolat. Congratulations, now you’re in a stalemate with the enemy waves. However, you will still need to replace defeated units and summon the cutting board every now and then, so don’t leave your guard down.
  • 4) Bring Matsurisu and Mio-fam. The latter is probably more important, as its attack buff will make our units start pushing forward, while its Symphony will combine with Chocolat’s to increase healing input.
  • 5) Okayu is out, dealing big AOE attacks and going double down with Bubba’s Cymbal. This is where your units will start pushing the enemy away, but don’t leave your guard down.
  • 6) Once okayu is out, bring another chocolat right after. Two Chocolats in combination with Mio-fam’s buffs will make your units near invincible. Keep using summons and replacing defeated units until the big play coming now.
  • 7) Korone is out, the enemy falls in horror. Since she runs until hits an enemy, no matter the state of the game she will immediately arrive to assist us. You basically completed the stage, but now we can go a bit extra.
  • 8) With Cymbal at its highest, start bringing the most expensive units one after another. More Chocolats means more healing (Specially for Korone since might become the main tank), more Matsurisus and Bubbas means more damage, more Mio-fams mean more attack buffs. If they are in cooldown, then summon Knights and Robosans in massive waves.

Congratulations. Now do the same thing over and over.

Epilogue and Disclaimers

This is far from a “Brainded AFK strat”. Korone is my favorite Holomember and thus found a solid way to not only use her but also along Okayu for the peak Okakoro experience. As said Suisei also has Cymbal so you can replace Okayu with her if she’s your oshi and your name is Iroha. Korone as well can be changed with anyone else as your big DPS unit, specially since my first UR was Mio and was stuck with her for a handful of levels. The main goal of any team really is to get your Holomembers (Preferably two of them on average like this guide), and thus you have to make a team arround that winning condition. Otherwise, and since you can’t summon copies of Holomembers, you can instead use the likes of Shubangelion or Fubura and go for the final step of this guide towards summoning dozens of buff ducks.

If the team doesn’t work for you, or the gacha is being mean to give you Bubba and/or Chocolat, then now you know Cymbal is the most important trait to invest on. Otherwise you might need to grind a few levels and increase your passive Motivation production and hopefully obtain more gacha pulls. But honestly I barely did any heavy grinding besides a few tour rounds now and then.

Lastly and needs repeating, the game was out for a few days when writing this guide. Other players might’ve found other teams and units more effective than this one. The game clearly has updates planned to add more Hololive members and units, and even we might have rebalancing and power creep in some cases. If you’re reading this in the year 203X and you think this team is obsolete, then that’s because Yagoo was added and is the must have unit or something.

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