SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to Escape the SCP Facility

This guide will cover Scientists, Class-D personnel and Facility Guard and a couple other things. Everything i cover is for people who may be new to the game and don’t know how to play. I think there is other guides on this but i decided to make my own.

The Levels of The Facility

Note: Credit goes to The Holy Peanut

There is 4 levels to the SCP Facility which is Light containment where D-Class and Scientists and peanut spawn as shown that is what SCP 173 or peanut as people like to call him,looks (kind of) like, Heavy containment is where the other SCP Subjects spawn, And entrance zone is where Facility guards (mall cops) spawn, And surface is where MTF and chaos insurgency spawn later in the round.

Escaping as D-Class

As a D-Class personnel you must look for these rooms: GR 18,WC 00,#914,and PC 15. In GR 18 you will find a Zone Manager card that looks like that picture to the left. You can also find a pistol in GR 18 inside the glass chamber which used to be 372’s containment chamber. In WC 00 will be a hallway with bathrooms on the side in the mens you may occasionally find a pistol and in the womens you may occasionally find a janitor key card. In #914 will be SCP 914 in which you can upgrade key cards and guns to so with a pistol you can get a Micro H.I.D aka a Handheld electrical discharge thrower which can only be used once and can take down an SCP quickly or just use it to mow down Squads of MTF, And PC 15 where you can get a scientist key card. If you find a Zone Manager you can use it to get up to the entrance zone and wait for chaos. Any card above that allows you to get through gates so you don’t have to wait for chaos insurgency (note i will be calling Chaos Insurgency simply chaos from now on to save my fingers some energy.) There is also a room called #012 which needs a scientist card how ever there is a card called major scientist card in there which is one level higher than normal scientist. I suggest just looking for the other rooms.

Escaping as Scientist

You start off with a scientist card so just look for #914 to upgrade it and get to the surface.

Escaping as the Facility Guard

Go to 914 in light containment upgrade it get back to the entrance zone and leave…’s as simple as that but not really cause there is a bunch of SCPs.

How to Deal with the SCPs

This section will cover dealing with the SCPs. First off 173. Deal with him by looking at him and running away and close doors in front of you until the music stops. Now for 049. SCP 049 is slower than you but is pretty hard to avoid if you find yourself in a dead end. SCP 096. Just run away from him and don’t look at his face. SCP 939. Just stand still unless he bumps into you in which case you’re just dead.

The Weapons

Every gun is op if you can aim for peoples heads, other wise the pistol, mp7 and p90 suck. So the pistol is what you look for when you’re a scientist or D-Class, the mp7 is the gun a facility guard has, a p90 is what a MTF cadet has, and the MTF Epsilon 11 something is what the commander and lieutenant has, and the micro is what nobody has until somebody finds it or upgrades to it

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