Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Developer Map List

Here’s a list of all the islands along with the developers on them. This should help anyone who’s trying to finish their list!

Map List

Note: Credit goes to Bertie

Quentin Training

  • King Luci

Gaelle Training

  • Reinier El Guiri

Morrow’s Reach

  • Juan Rojo
  • El Slothaloto
  • Moritz “The Impenetrable”
  • Elisabeth Alba Larum
  • Abbe Dominus

Dread Vines Cove

  • Criptico Das Cores
  • Juan Florido
  • Florino Igniculus
  • Fabio Del Rio
  • Tom Scurvylegs
  • Kaymondus

Twins of Nerectemeresch

  • Rasmus “The Unfortunate”
  • Filippus Compositor
  • Frido De La Sombra

New Krucbury

  • Decoriano Cereza
  • Catalina la Alegre

Isle of Penance

  • Anicia Del Rojo
  • Mateo Alejandro Yamila

Iron Bay

  • Antonio Vapores
  • Matholomeus
  • Florencio Del Arbusto
  • Don Alejandro Morchin
  • Hambrosius Krausinger

Grand Alcazar

  • Bianca Da Dorrcenca
  • Sister Friede
  • Principe Felipe III
  • Matar Cocolores
  • Basito El Amanuensis

Angler’s Grave

  • Cerevisiarius Krautlius
  • Perusinus
  • Divine Nomis
  • Tati La Galletita
  • Felicitas Frivoli
  • Maria De La Cruz
  • Adriano In Flagranti

Calamity Island

  • Juan Interno Corso
  • Beffan Fisher
  • Elena La Zorra Luz
  • Atormentador Tobinesk
  • Francisco Cemenez

Memory of the Grand Design

  • Olaf “El Cazador De Espiritus”
  • Philippus Rumoristus
  • Sebastian El Indesperado
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