The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Chad Kensington Build for Leland

Chad Kensington Build

We all love our Chaddington from Friday the 13th so we need to get as close to playing as the baseball bat sprinter as possible.

First for some points to take from this guide before we move on to the perks.

  • You are squishy.
  • You are loud.
  • You will be easily overpowered by the family if fighting 2 at once.

Keep these in mind when trying to complete objectives. Sometimes you’ll have to be the one to pull the team together even if that means opening up the escape routes by yourself.

This build will mainly focus on keeping 1 or 2 family occupied by chasing you around or keeping them at bay.

Try to go around collecting at least one bone knife before ascending the basement. You can also make noise at a separate basement door away from your team in order to draw at least 1 or 2 family towards your direction. Its annoying when only one door is open and you have family hovering the area above the door constantly because they have no threat of escape from a different area.

Perk 1: Choose Fight

Longer stuns.

Absolutely important for keeping the family at bay, especially if they are chasing on of your fellow Victims.

Reminder that you can interrupt leatherface during any of his actions such as breaking doors and other objects he can interract with around the map. If you’re fast enough you can bait him into breaking something then go around and backstab him to waste his time and he’ll have to restart the action again.

This perk will have synergy with Fish hooks and Empowered

Perk 2: Empowered

Combo’d with Perk 1, this will be your bread and butter for annoying your family of choice.


  • This doesn’t work against Leatherface
  • Backstabs don’t recover hp so you can’t heal from interacting with Leatherface at all.


  • Amazing time waste for other family members. They’ll hit you and you can keep running then when its time to perform a close encounter (The struggle animation while holding a bone knife), you get hp and stamina back so you can continue running away.
  • Renewable perk, you can basically keep using it as long as you have bone knives so at a certain point; its possible to just go around holding 2 at a time.

Suggestions for Last Perk Slot

Efficient Backstabber – Less need of collecting bone knives after a backstab; Can come in handy in a pinch if the RNG gods bless you.

What Doesn’t Kill You – If you mistime your Star Ability/Close encounter and end up trading with damage, it will hurt alot but at least you’ll get a bit of hp back. (Important for leatherface since he does the most dmg)

No Sell – This can be interesting as at max level, you can perhaps give leatherface quite a long chase at the start since he’ll be doing baby damage.

Attributes / Skill Tree Order and Closing Notes

You can boost your stealth or proficiency if you like but to keep it more chad based, I’ll be heavily specing into endurance, Toughness and Strength.

This is the build path to get all perks mentioned above; I can’t factor in random perks as they are too unpredictable to make. If you ever manage to get Choose Flight, don’t respec since its literally so good for Leland and this build.

I did enjoy playing this build and I hope you guys find it enjoyable as well. Make sure to escape lads or at least die a glorious death.

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