Dead Cells – 100% Save File (Costumes, Weapons, Plot)

Hello everyone, I want to present to your attention my main save, where there is literally everything and everything, including a 100% plot and a lot of open weapons, skills, suits.

100% Save File

The main save

Everything is on this save (Runes, Upgrades, Boss Stem Cells).


In this section, you are presented with a variety of costumes including the King’s costume and its white version + DLC (The Queen and the Sea, The Bad Seed, Rise of the Giant, Return to Castlevania,Fatal Falls)


Now let’s turn to this guide, where you are presented with all the available weapons (throwing, grenades, traps, shields, forces).

Help in setting up a save

The path to the Dead Cells saves:

  • C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\userdata\893957103\588650\remote

Download link

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