Shards of Her – 100% Full Achievement Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough and guide to getting all achievements in the game.

Complete Achievement Walkthrough


This guide will walk you through getting all achievements in the game. I will update this guide as new content and achievements are added. The majority of these should be very straightforward but in case anyone is stuck on something, this guide should help.


  • Start a new journey
  • Name yourself
  • {Continue story}

Whispered Prophecy – Hemera’s cryptic words echoed, foretelling an imminent destiny.

  • SAVE 1
  • Talk to her
  • Activate mood booster
  • act.Opt / for – Bl*w job
  • A bit, yes, but that’s okay!
  • {Continue story}

After All, Why Not? – In the heat of the moment, a decision was made.

  • Don’t let her go / Touch her
  • {Continue story}

Healthy Breakfast – Everyone should have a breakfast, no exception.

  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Dawn

Riddle Man – You got it right, that was easy, for now…

  • {Continue story}

Here I Come! – It’s been a while since the last time.

  • Let them continue the show…
  • It’s good to see you again…
  • {Continue story}

A Night of Magic – The night before the storm.

  • I can’t remember exactly, I think they were black?
  • Do I have to? I can stay a bit longer…
  • Try to compliment her, maybe?
  • {Continue story}

The Second One – One’s touch, a vision shall reveal.

  • {Continue story}

The Awakening – And so, it begins.

  • {Continue story}

Back in the Game – The power is mine once more!

  • SAVE 2
  • Call for Ōmikami…

Call for Ōmikami – Her name lingered on your lips, prompting you to call out for her.

  • {Continue story}

I Saw Her – I believe I’ve seen her after all these years…

  • Ask her to stay

Join Me – Oh, how I’ve missed the comfort of company.

  • SAVE 3
  • Take control

Lead The Way – Demonstrate your leadership to me.

  • “Your choice”
  • {Continue story}

Gone, Once Again – The cherry blossom has vanished…

  • {Continue story}

The Prophecy – It’s done, and this time, we might not escape fate…

  • Take a peek
  • Are you kidding me? Damn right!
  • Check out the sounds coming from Max’s room…
  • {Continue story}

Peek! – She couldn’t resist; she had to take a peek!

  • SAVE 4
  • Continue
  • Sealed Fate – In that moment, desire claimed you.
  • Echoes – All echoes fade at some time…
  • Turn her around
  • No, continue
  • Casual ****
  • Join them
  • Go back to sleep

Let Her Go – It wasn’t the moment for it.

  • Hermera, where are you…

Call for Hemera – Through your room’s silent echoes, Hemera’s name whispered.

  • Leave it to her

I’ll Lead – I’ve always aspired to take the lead.

  • Stop

One More Chance – Fate tested you, yet you’ve resisted, for now…

XMAS 2023

  • From main menu, choose Extras -> Specials -> XMAS 2023
  • Go through all four options
  • XMAS 2023 – Aethra – Wise choice…
  • XMAS 2023 – Dies – Siding with the “enemy”.
  • XMAS 2023 – Hemera – The enemy of my enemy is my… enemy?
  • XMAS 2023 – Ame Mikoto – I always wanted this.
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