Monster Hunter: World – Weapons and Armor Tips for Beginners

Newbies Tips to Weapon and Armor


There’s always a meta choice, but pretty much anything works. For weapons, just make the best that is available to you. A good balance of raw damage, sharpness, affinity, and eventually decoration slots is ideal. For bows and dual blades, you’ll want to have a whole suite of different elemental weapons to take advantage of monster weaknesses.

Though as far as elements go most of the early monsters you’ll face (Anjanath, rathian, Rathalos etc.) all have a 2 star weakness to thunder so getting a sword with thunder element on it might be a good bet for you. Though that’s just a bit of advice, you can still progress without using the ‘best’ weapon for each situation, you’ll just finish hunts a little quicker if you match your weapon’s element to a monsters weakness.


For armor, focus on the skills they offer, and decoration slots once you’re in high rank. Defense is hardly a concern since you can upgrade that with armor spheres. Focus on skills that suit your playstyle, or improve your specific weapon if any are applicable.

Armor that depends on your playstyle and what skills you would want to prioritise but I would definitely recommend the Kadachi Vambraces ,as they give you level 1 of evade extender letting you dodge further (if you’re hunting Tobi-kadachi for it’s parts for the vambraces don’t use thunder element weapons there as it’s a thunder monster thus thunder damage is useless against. Go with poison or water. Tobi-Kadachi is also the monster you farm for most of the parts required for a thunder element weapon.).

It might also be worth getting the Barroth mail for the Stamina thief skill making it easier to exhaust monsters but other than that it’s best to look at what skills an armor piece has and decide if it’s something you would want or need.


The best weapon tip is to keep trying different weapons until one of them feels good to play. They all look different, play different and have different ideas of when to attack and when to evade. So keep trying them out.

If you’re trying to learn the fights and get a general feel for combat, it doesn’t matter what armor you choose. Pick whatever you like. Guardian armor is extremely durable and you will live far longer than taking level appropriate gear. It runs out of utility when high rank starts ramping up.

Equipment strength is a huge factor in MH. Keep armor and weapon ranks up to date. There are plenty of other extras the game throws your way, so keep an eye out for new items, new crafting recipes, new friends, and new tools to aid a hunt.

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