SONG OF HORROR – Puzzle Guide for Episode #1

Episode #1

Fuse Puzzle



We have 3 black boxes, each one is connected by a yellow and black cord to one of the three different devices to the left. Each device needs to be powered with the correct ampere: 25A; 50A or 30A. The problem is we don’t know which black box is connecting to which device. Also, each black box connects differently to the places where we will put the fuses.

The first box (left box) is connected by three different places via a green, blue and red cords. With this information we can come to the conclusion that this box is connected to the 50A device because:

  • 50A = 15A + 10A + 25A

Since the other two boxes are only connected to two different places, we could never reach the 50A with the fuses we have:

  • 25A + 20A < 50A

With this conclusion we know that the 20A fuse will not be connected to the first box and it’s going to be placed on lower left corner because that’s the only place that isn’t connect to the first box.

The second box (middle box) is connected to the now 20A fuse via a yellow cord and to the lower right place via a green cord. We can arrive at the conclusion that the second box must be connected to the 30A device because there’s no way we can reach a 25A with the fuses we have left. Doing the math:

  • 30A = 20A + 10A

We now know that we need to place the 10A fuse on the lower right place.

We now can conclude that the third box (right box) is connected to the 25A device. Since this box is connected to the now 10A fuse via a green cord we can place the 15A fuse in the upper right place (where it’s connected by a red cord).

  • 25A = 10A + 15A

Finally, we can place the 25A fuse on the upper left place.

Scaffold Puzzle – Choosing the Correct Window


Choose the window as seen in the images below (the red circle around the “?” is the correct window). Picking the incorrect window will result in instadeath.

Note: Don’t worry, it’s safe to interact with Julia and receive her gift, but caution is advised when interacting with other characters taken by “The Presence” in the future.

Safe Code

Solution: 4798

By reading the riddle that Sebastian left to his daughter Julia we have the following hints:

  • The number of our street address: 4

You can check this just outside the house or by paying attention to the address given by Etienne to Daniel and Sophie in the first cutscenes of the game.

  • Saul’s age: 7

You can check this by looking at Saul’s drawing on the kitchen’s fridge.

  • The decade and year the canvas hanging upstairs, right next to the staircase, was painted: 98

When you go upstairs you will notice that the painting was moved to somewhere else, leaving a oval shape on the wall. The only oval shaped painting we can find in the house with a date is in the attic. It was painted in 1798.

Doll House Puzzle


  • Green Rag Doll: Library
  • Blue Rag Doll: Bathroom
  • Red Rag Doll: Dining Room
  • Orange Rag Doll: Kitchen
  • Black Rag Doll: Living Room

For this puzzle we actually have three kinds of hints: The note left by Saul, the comment your character does when inspecting each doll (Note: the comment depends on the character you are playing with) and the place where you find each doll:

  1. The Green Rag Doll is found in the basement safe by solving a riddle. When inspecting this doll, your character will comment something like “She looks very intellectual” or “She looks like she is good at school”. In Saul’s note it is said that one of the dolls is reading. Taking all into consideration, this cute doll with glasses is going to be in the library.
  2. The Blue Rag Doll is found in the Master Bedroom (1F). When inspecting this doll, your character will comment something like “she is dirty” or ” she is wearing a shower cap”. In Saul’s note it is said that the “Mum” will take a shower. This one will definitely be in the bathroom.
  3. The Red Rag Doll and the Orange Rag Doll are connected in Saul’s note: “One will be hungry, so her frend will make dinner for her.” Now the problem is we don’t know which one is going to be in the kitchen while the other one goes to the dinning room, but if we take into account the place where we find each doll, it becomes more clear. The Red Rag Doll is found in the Guest Room (1F) while the Orange Rag Doll is found in the Service Room (Ground Floor – Masha and Alexander Bedroom). The Red Rag Doll being “The Guest” is going to wait for her dinner in the dinning room while her friend, being “the housekeeper”, is going to make dinner in the kitchen.
  4. The Black Rag Doll’s correct place is a bit confusing to me in this puzzle. He is “the ugly one” watching the door to the bathroom while “Mum” takes a shower. The place that made more sense to me was the bedroom because it’s right beside the bathroom where the door is (even looking at the layout of the 1F mansion map this makes more sense), but apparently the correct place is in the living room. I manage to find this by process of elimination.

Old Sheet of Paper Riddle

Solution: Go back to where the doll house is (1F – Playroom), grab the Black Rag Doll and throw it in the fireplace (Groundfloor – Living Room).

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