Palworld – End Game OP Farms: Pal Fluids / High Quality Pal Oil / Venison

End Game OP Farms

174 Pal fluids in 5 minutes with normal droprate.

Azurobe hill is the place to go to actually farm a lot of Pal Fluids. Everyone knows about Gobfin’s turf but Azurobe hill is the lesser known, and much better spot to farm.

Use a Jetragon with all 4 Speed traits. Equip Air cannon to your Jetragon. Fly back and forth along Azurobe Beach, tackling the Kelpseas with your Jetragon. For the Celarays, use the Air Cannon (Dragon cannon is also good). Air cannon is great because it auto aims, and has a super fast projectile and cooldown.

I wasn’t trying that hard to get 174 Pal fluids in 5min, you could probably get like 200 or more.Next OP Farm is the best Venison/High Quality Pal Oil/Pal Fluid ALL IN ONE farm. Efficiency.

Marsh Island Church Ruins is the next location.

Drops in 5 minutes:38 Venison, 15 Pal Fluids, 64 High Quality Pal Oil, 16 Mammorest Meat, 2 Bones, 3 Rushoar Pork, 40 Horns, 131 Leather

Why Blazehowl and Blazehowl Noct?

Their partner abilities give around double the drops from Grass Pals and Neutral Pals respectively.

I have bred a Blazehowl, and Blazehowl Noct both with maximum speed traits. These guys aren’t super fast so they really do need those speed traits. If you don’t want to breed 2 Blazehowls you can just breed one for maximum speed, and then bring any other one as your secondary.

The way this farm works is you run around Marsh Island, killing any Deer you find. If you see a Fuack, run it down with the Blazehowl to get some Pal fluids. If you see a Mammorest, swap to the Blazehowl and kill it. Then swap back to your faster mount and continue farming.

May the Pal fluids always be abundant in your inventory.

Created by Fantasyze

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