Starbound – How to Defeat BIG APE

Ever gotten to Big Ape but just keep dying, and dying, and dying, over and over again? Well this guide will show you Big Apes attacks, phases, and the recommended gear.

Recommended Gear

Note: Credit goes to VGSpyder

Do NOT attempt this battle without your species’ best gear. You can craft it at the Replicator (Max Lvl Anvil). You’ll at least want a good damage broadsword, shield and dagger/ short sword, and some form of gun. I recommend the Neo Magnum (Can be bought at Rank 2 Peacekeeper station.) and the Ray Gun (Found In Chests). I did okay with just salves, but bandages and nanofiber are probably you’re best shot.

Big Ape’s Attacks

When you first walk into the boss room, “Big Ape” will load in. He may not be real, but his attacks pack a punch. Big Ape will first roar, and laser fists will fly from the top, left, and right. These can be avoided by strafing and jumping. But try to stay under Big Ape, as you can swing a broadsword to hit the projectors. You can tell the laser fist attack is coming if the screens to the left and right show a fist holding a banana. After his first attack he will fly over to you from above, and when he stops, he will fire laser swords out of his eyes, down to where he stopped. This is a great time to go to the left/right and heal up and shoot him with the guns. This attack is noticeable when there is an eye in the center of the screens.

Then after this Big Ape will fly to the left or right of the room depending on where you are, and fly to the other side. Avoid this by jumping between the projectors, and through the hologram. You know when this attack is coming because a giant gorilla face will show up on the screen. Once he finishes this he will fly to the center of the room, and fire homing rockets at you. This is simply avoided by running from one end of the room to the other while hold your shield out. This attack is an Apex holding a gun on the screens. Big Ape will repeat these attacks until one of the projectors is defeated. Once a projector is defeated he will go to the center of the screen, and fire laser orbs in every direction. Avoid this by transforming into a sphere in the corner of the room.

After each projector he will do this but with more and more each time. He attacks are mostly the same but with a few minor changes. In the second phase (One Projector Defeated) he will add one more wave to the laser fist attack. In the third phase (Two Projectors Defeated) he will use his Rush attack (Dashing across the floor when you have to jump through him) twice. So one to the right, then comes back to the left. Once you destroy all the projectors you have defeated Big Ape. Good Luck!

P.S. You have to hit him with your weapons while doing all this. 🙂

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