Starfield – NPC Followers Guide (Cheat)

This is a guide to have NPC followers through console commands. Use at your own risk. I recommend finishing the game at least once, then messing around with console commands.

Note: Console Commands disable achievements.

NPC Followers Through Console Commands

Open your console via the console key, it differs on various keyboards, so you may need to look up how to open it on your specific keyboard.

Use this command to spawn an NPC of your choice:

  • player.placeatme referenceID NumberOfNPCtoSpawn

For example, we will use the UC Grunt for this, the command would look like this:

  • player.placeatme 00066ad6 1

To spawn one grunt.

Look up a reference ID for the NPC you want to spawn.

Type once into the console, without selecting the NPC:

  • ssq 0000D773

Click the NPC and type:

  • forcerefintoalias ActiveFollowers

Next step may not be necessary and is beta only.

Click the NPC and type:

  • setplayerteammate 1

Notice, this is early beta testing. Do this on your own risk.

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