STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town – Recommended Key Configuration

Do you want to play without mouse? Do you hate the default keyboard configuration? If yes, I think my configuration can be suitable for you.

Guide to Key Configuration

My Keyboard Configuration

  • Open Farm Map: N
  • Select Tool (Left): Q
  • Select Tool (Right): E
  • Whistle: U
  • Open Tool Pocket: R
  • Open Town Map: M
  • Open Menu Screen: Enter
  • Examine / Hold: J
  • Put Away: O
  • Use Tool: K
  • Sidestep: Space
  • Auto-run: I
  • Raise Camera Angle: Page Up
  • Lower Camera Angle: Page Down
  • Walk / Run (Up): W
  • Walk / Run (Right): D
  • Walk / Run (Down): S
  • Walk / Run (Left): A
  • Select Item (Up):
  • Select Item (Right):
  • Select Item (Down):
  • Select Item (Left):
  • Open Bag: L
  • View Relationship: F
  • Open Farm Information: H
  • Open Settings Menu: Y
  • Item Slot [1..8]: [1..8]

Note: Because the original version (HM FoMT) is not the same as the new version (SoS FoMT), I’m not sure whether this configuration is optimal or not. However, I’ll keep updating it. Please feel free to comment if you have a better configuration.

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