Strangers of the Power – 100% Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough to complete the game and unlock all achievements.

Complete Walkthrough with Achievements

Note: Credit goes to alphabetsoup


This is a pretty basic RPG Maker game. There’s one small dungeon with five levels. And the DLC adds one more.

Unlocking every achievement requires beating the game every class, and clearing the DLC with one of them.

The Trancevania DLC is required for two achievements.


Only two things to note:

Level Up

Whenever a character levels up, you can choose between a bonus of 300G, +2 max HP or +2 max MP. I honestly don’t know what’s best, but I went with 300G every time.

Quantum Leap Spell

This spell can be purchased from the Magic Shop in town. The spell costs 10 MP and teleports back to town where you can heal and stock up. Additionally, a portal is created in town which sends you back to where you were so no progress is lost. As it costs 10 MP, never let your spell caster fall below 10 MP in battle or else you’ll be stuck.

Warrior Class – Seraphine/Francine

The game calls this the “Beginner” class, but this class is definitely the hardest of the four. I still did it first and so it’s first in the guide.


  • Buy the Book of Quantum Leap (30G) for Francine from the Magic Shop.
  • Head north and enter the dungeon.

First Level

  • Grab the chest in the east, the four chests in the secret area and go to the next level.

Second Level

  • Teleport back to town once it says the Weapon Master is in town.
  • Go to the Tavern and buy Cleave for Seraphine. Cleave costs 30TP and attacks all enemies ignoring defense.
  • Back to dungeon.
  • Ignore most enemies. Open the door with code 192, grab the chests and exit.

Third Level

  • Follow the linear path round the bottom to the right side flipping switches and opening chests along the way.
  • When you have 1620G, buy the Shadow Obsidian Staff for Francine.
  • Save before opening the silver chest.
  • Boss: Minotaur (150HP)
  • Party level: 4

Seraphine uses Provoke/Cleave/heals with items. Francine uses Spell Enhancement/magic.

Achievement unlocked:

Mega Milk

– Defeated Minotaur

The exit is on the left side; use the Magic Oar when next to water to create a raft.

Fourth Level West

  • Buy Mythril Tunic (1500G) for Francine.
  • Work your way to the bottom left and talk to the Catgirl.
  • Head up the blue pawprints. Talk to the Queen of Cats, return and up the other pawprints.
  • Exit in the top right.

Fourth Level East

  • Talk to the Mermaid in the centre for Magic Sail. It replaces the Magic Oar and gives a faster boat.
  • Work your way to the bottom left. You’ll get a message about a Portal appearing on the level. Using the portal takes you to the DLC level, but ignore it for now.
  • Buy Speed Boots (3000G) for Seraphine.
  • Stock up on Health Brew/Health Juice/Miracle Salve.
  • Save before talking to the girl.
  • Boss: Morgan (250HP)
  • Party level: 10

Seraphine use Cleave/attacks. Francine use magic. Second or third turn, Francine use Magic Barrier.

At 50% HP Morgan starts using Blizzard which does ~50HP to everyone. Immediately heal Seraphine and revive Francine.

Achievement unlocked:

Moonfallen Morgan

– Defeated Morgan Moonfall

Talk to the Queen of Cats to proceed.

Fifth Level

  • Destroy braziers in the top left/right corners before fighting the final boss in the middle.
  • Buy Speed Boots (3000G) for Francine.
  • Have at least 10 Health Brew/Health Juice/Miracle Salve.
  • Buy anything else you want.
  • Save before talking to the girl.
  • Boss: Madam Blueberry (600HP)
  • Party level: 16

Follow a similar strategy to Morgan.

Seraphine uses Cleave/attack. Francine uses magic.

Keep Seraphine’s health high with items and revive Francine whenever she goes down.

Don’t bother healing Francine since she goes down with one attack most of the time.

Achievement unlocked:

Stand behind me

– Beat the game as Seraphine

Mage Class- Gracie/Edea

The game is the same, so I’ll only briefly cover what’s needed from now on. Still open every chest as it’ll contain important gear/spells for Gracie.

Before fighting Minotaur, buy:

  • Book of Blizzard (500G) for Gracie
  • Blue Bauxsite Dagger (3645G) for Edea
  • Boss: Minotaur (150HP)
  • Party level: 6

Gracie’s magic makes this fight a joke. Even if you didn’t buy Blizzard, it’s still easy.

  • Boss: Morgan (250HP)
  • Party level: 10

Gracie Blizzard/Immolate/Thunderstorm does ~73 damage so you only need to get 4 hits in.

Edea heals with items.

Before fighting Madam Blueberry, buy:

  • Mystic Amulet (7500G) for Gracie
  • Have 10+ Miracle Salve
  • Madam Blueberry (600HP)
  • Party level: 17

Gracie’s Blizzard/Immolate/Thunderstorm with Mystic Amulet equipped deals 100+ damage.

Edea guards every turn except when Gracie needs revive or Edea needs healing. Don’t bother healing Gracie since Blueberry’s strong attacks will kill her in a single hit.

Achievement unlocked:

Win them with niceness

– Beat the game as Gracie

Rogue Class – Maiya/Sophie

Things get even easier with Maiya. I’m surprised this is the “Advanced” class.

  • Buy the Book of Quantum Leap (30G) for Maiya at the start.
  • When available, buy the Scroll of Cleave (150G) for Sophie.

As you’re making your way to fight Minotaur steal about a dozen times from enemies. The more the better.

  • Boss: Minotaur (150HP)
  • Party level: 6

Maiya use Warm-up then Sneak Attack. If you’ve stolen enough, this deals 100+ damage.

Sophie use Cleave.

Keep stealing at least once per battle against mobs before cleaning up with Sneak Attack.

On the fourth level you may get a message about the DLC portal. You can do it now if you’d like. Maiya makes it very easy. You’ll spawn back in the fourth level after finishing the DLC.

Before fighting Morgan, buy:

  • Speed Boots (3000G) for Maiya
  • Morgan (250HP)
  • Party level: 10

Maiya + Speed Boots is insane. Sneak Attack did 254 damage…

You’ll still need to survive one Blizzard even if you kill Morgan in one hit.

Probably unnecessary, but on the the fifth level have Maiya steal:

  • Mythril Arrows (for Maiya) from a Lost Archer
  • Blue Bauxsite Axe (for Sophie) from a Lost Warrior

Buy a Mythril Chestplate (2160G) for Sophie.

  • Boss: Madam Blueberry (600HP)
  • Party level: 17

Maiya’s Warm-up + Sneak Attack did 700+ damage.

Just need to be able to survive one round of Blizzard.

Achievement unlocked:

Maiya wins!

– Beat the game as Maiya

Vampire Class – Chandra/Isabel

Playing as this class requires the Trancevania DLC.

Before fighting Minotaur, buy:

  • Shadow Obsidian Staff (1620G) for Isabel
  • Boss: Minotaur (150HP)

At the start, have Chandra use Blood Weakness, and Isabel use Poison Cloud. Reset if poison doesn’t stick.

Then have Chandra use Blood Haze, and Isabel alternate between Icicle Shot/whatever’s needed.

Before fighting Morgan, buy:

  • Mythril Tunic (1500G) for Isabel
  • Boss: Morgan (250HP)
  • Party level: 10

Follow a similar strategy to above.

At the start, use Blood Weakness/Poison Cloud. Reset if poison doesn’t stick.

Then have Chandra use regular attacks, and Isabel alternate between Icicle Shot/whatever’s needed.

Might need a bit of luck because paralyze is annoying.

Before fighting Madam Blueberry, buy:

  • Blue Bauxsite Axe (4860G) for Chandra
  • Mythril Chestplate (2160G) for Chandra
  • Boss: Madam Blueberry (600HP)
  • Party level: 16

Stick to the strategy above.

Achievement unlocked:

Children of the night

– Beat the game as Chandra

DLC – Sixth Level

As the dev puts it:

Portal to Trancevania appears in random location in eastern side of the 4th level, the one where you fight Morgan Moonfall. It appears when you have the Trancevania addon with the text “Portal has opened!” to indicate it can be found somewhere on the level.

The portal is randomized each time it opens but follows some rules:

  • It will never spawn in location that’d block player and force them to use it, such as a tight corridor.
  • It won’t spawn into water.
  • It won’t spawn into walls.
  • It won’t spawn into Morgan’s area (the area with different music).
  • It won’t spawn literally into player’s location, on top of them.

Don’t really need a guide for this section. It’s five tiny rooms.

Maiya’s Sneak Attack will kill everything in one hit, including Vampire who only has 300HP.

Achievement unlocked:

Cheese time!

– Obtain Trancevania’s finest cheddar

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