Surviving the Abyss – Guide to Outpost Stringing and Base-Lining

Using outpost to set a baseline of operation.

Outpost Stringing and Base-Lining

Brief Understanding

Outpost while initially perceive as a seeder of base apart from central hub, serving as mild lit self sufficient splinter that have automated power and oxygen generation.

While at 4 Zaps and 4 O2, by itself it could barely power an extractor of choice plus a garden forming a usual distant outpost.

With the common place of a centralized grid, the power generated via the outpost is also commonly back lined to central pool created a kind of “rebate”.

With the same mindset as central grid, a step further was push in that if the outposts was instead string back to the central hub forming a mega hub with automated power and O2.

This was done in particular to counter the effects of both crew shortage and fuel burn out during the early days of the base.

1st Unlockable?

In order to build and use outpost we need to unlock it, contrary to most conventional base building which might start off with Carb Factory and Coal extractor.

As we will be making heavy use of Outpost for it 1st and likely only function we hold priority concerns, Power.

As its primary function now is to replace coal power generator(which by itself is 3x powerful fully crew with generalist).

Lab a Carb?

Now a quick overview you would like have notice a measly 4 Zaps cannot seriously power a functional base.

And the aim is to do power infrastructure in progress with the growth of the base functionality.

The next aim is Carb farm!

But you likely notice carb farm is not unlock. and you practically have 0 RP (research points) to unlock it.

So we get get the Basic Lab up, we need at least 3 days to get 30 RP to unlock Carb Farm.

This indirectly actually stream line the research production very earlier on. allowing accumulation rather early game.

End of Troubled Start

You likely notice the last 7 days have your crew are just idling around worsening the crew relations.

So to help we just need them to work.

Try to reach for the nearest coal vein using your first 2 outposts as they are used 30 per outpost. it make great crew occupation, while boost coal generation.

By day 15.

You should had a coal extractor running with 2 outposts and likely a protein farm.

This should cover most of the operation baseline needs, incidentally due to the relief crew from power and oxygen we actually have more than sufficient crew to run most of the operation .

With the exception of living quarters.

Where to Rest?

In between day 15 and day 30, an coal extractor accident are scripted to happen. so we need hospital and finally living quarters.

Contrary to popular believe living quarters can actually be densely pack as their tunnels automatically cross into a junction when arrange in such manner. However we still really have no need for that much living quarters 2 should be enough for now.

Then comes the event related hospital. they are related to 2 events more specifically 1 from the coal extractor the other comes from the carb farm.

Only the coal extractor event will result in an injured. that is left untreated will cause death.

With that we conclude the using the outposts as base-line of the basic base of operation.

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