System Shock – Tips for Flow and Energy Meter Puzzles

I found most of the puzzles quite easy on hard after they clicked. Here’s a few tips for the two types of puzzles:

Flow Puzzles Tips

Work backwards from the end to the source. I find this makes many of them much easier. The start and end are the square nodes. Not the rounded ones.

Look for obvious dead ends and rule out paths that lead exclusively to them. e.g. A straight piece against a wall.

If you find a knob that turns the pieces of another knob two turns of one then 2 turns of the other will often get the conjoined piece in line with any exclusive piece needed for the path.

Energy Meter Puzzles Tips

Remember to first check the type of power provided by each plug. Some are single-power and others are double-power.

Rule out any sockets that lead exclusively to dead ends.

Learn how Combiners and Splitters work intimately. A bit of fooling around on any puzzle and Paying Attention will teach you this.

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