Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Best Setup for Fighter Pawn

Tips for Fighter Pawn

Aug + Ring > Shield Summons/Shout on pawn not because it saves a slot but because Aug + Ring is significantly more consistent at grabbing aggro.

Ring + Aug is better on arisen because skill slot though.

The issue with Riotous Fury on pawns is that unlike DD1’s Dragon’s Maw, they are vulnerable during the whole animation.

And Riotous doesn’t do amazing damage unless its done on a weakspot + is extremely overkill vs non-bosses.

Shield Pommel, Cloudward, and Hindsight though are all solid on pawns. I can see a case being made for only Hindsight though.

Throw in Blink Strike and call it a day.

Issue with Shield Pommel is its only super useful vs enemies that Slash damage bounces off of… outside of that you want them using either Cloudward or Hindsight

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