Tabletop Warriors – Simple Tips and Tricks

This is just a few notes I’ve gathered regarding the Alpha release of the game.

Tips and Tricks


The game is still under development but has a lot of potential. I hope this helps to generate a little bit of curiosity and also provides some basis clarification of how the game operates without any strong guidance from the creators so far. There is a players handbook, however. This fills some gaps.

I had the good fortune to play a few rounds with the one of the two designers one evening and this is where a lot of fog was lifted. Capacitive Touch buttons ROCK!

Whatever you do, do NOT let Paul M. play with you. He’ll be hiding in the corner as a CLERIC casting no spells. Everyone will die a horrible death!

General Tips

This game is Alpha so it’s sometimes confusing. Give them time to enhance!

  • When talking to the each other use the Dragon as NORTH for bearing purposes
  • Walls are capped with pointy spikes but sometimes a spiky top is in the middle of the wall.
  • A secret door might be in that area.
  • Dungeons take about 10-20 minutes to complete depending on the objective.
  • You can see your objectives by pressing your left recess button.
  • Don’t delay, you give the DM to mount a counter offensive.
  • Don’t go too quickly, you might get cornered or find a trap the hard way!

Player Tips

The omnipotent DM has forced you and your friends into his CRUEL dungeon for his amusement. Beat him at his own game!

If you are paying seated, you must enable the TURN function in options BEFORE you enter the game.

  • Move by pointing to a square and pressing A or X button (you must physically turn or have enabled the turn function before entering the session).
  • Switch between skill cards and item cards touching the joystick and pressing up and down.
  • Sort through cards sets by touching the joystick and pressing left and right.
  • Try and set up your skills as soon as possible.
  • Bring up your cards and select the card with the opposite hand from where it will go.
  • Skills are brought up for selection by merely touching the button. Activate by pressing the button.
  • Each player has skills and some are unique to an specific class.
  • Fighter has lunge attack.
  • Cleric has hold and heal.
  • Elf has bullseye (passive skill) and poison arrow.
  • Thief has sneak and owns lockpicks.
  • Mage has meditate, hold, and shield and owns a wizard staff.
  • Dwarf has stun and shield bash.
  • Everyone but cleric has bandage.
  • If you touch a hidden wall it will glow green/blue press trigger to open.
  • Once you complete a dungeon, bring up the menu (left recessed button) to complete the mission or start over. The dm cannot do this. Do not forget this!

GM Tips

Vile players have desecrated your quiet sanctuary/dungeon. Get ’em!

  • The DM can select one of the two randomly chosen maps for the players for each level (there are nine different themes).
  • Move dungeon defenders where you want them to be when the violent players appear.
  • Don’t allow the evil elf to shoot them early. Mean players!
  • Players can also hit innocent defenders through walls. Pure evil.
  • Place spawn cards quickly to start adding more dungeon defenders.
  • Move the dungeon defenders using the behavior options to allow more to defend.
  • Remember to set them back to auto or they will just stand there defenseless to the evil players.
  • If players delay, that’s more defenders to rally to the defense.
  • Spawn cards will put dungeon defenders in your hand. Place them on spawns and when green square lights up, pull the trigger.
  • You can find the secret doors by touching the walls with your ‘hand’.
  • It will light up green/blue.
  • Once the players complete the dungeon, one of them must bring up the menu to either complete the level or restart. You cannot do this!
  • While they are buying new gear, setup the the next level and dungeon defenders!
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