The Escapists 2 – How to Use Weapons Properly

This will teach you how to use weapons more responsibly, how to use them more, and how to use them with more versatility.

Guide to Use Weapons Properly

Baton and Baseball Bat

These are basic contraband weapons that can be used almost aimlessly. You still need to be careful with them though. Make sure to use them in these situations:

  • You need to take down an inmate or guard.
  • To give someone for a quest.

Any of these situations will help you use these weapon types more responsibly and allow you to use them more.

Whips and Nun-chucks

These are 2 very powerful weapons that are hard to craft and come by. They have the same rules as the Baseball Bat and Baton, but still be very careful. If a guard spots you, you could lose it and any other things you may have.

Cup of Hot Choc and Makeshift Stun-Gun

These 2 are very expensive and powerful weapons. Only use them in these scenarios:

  • Running from a horde of guards.
  • Having to get a key.
  • Giving it to someone for a quest.

These rules should help you to better use these items, since they can 1 shot anyone, they are very risky to use.

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