The Great Rebellion – How to Start Successful

Just some good tips I learned from this game that can be very helpful.

Starter Guide

The Hub

You start in the hub level, the Waldgang. Here you can find Gus a guy that sells you upgrades for negative social credits. You have to finish a level before you have any negative social credits.

Get the health upgrade first and the armor upgrade. You have to find the armor upgrade first in a level.

  • If you have found NPCs in the levels, you can get stuff from them.
  • Serathim give you a blessing that gets you -10 social credits.
  • Norf NFC sells you armor for -20 social credits.
  • And many more give you something, so talk to them.


Gus can also be found in every level, but here he sells you weapons and items for gold, not negative social credits. You should buy a good gun from Gus or find one in a box. You need a keycard to open the box. Gus also sells sometime a keycard or you can find it somewhere in a level. Buy armor from Gus it will protect not only you but also your companions.

Level 1

  • Make sure you go into every room and don’t just run to the boss. The underground rooms have a lot of helpful stuff.
  • You can look on the map (Tab) to see where there are rooms you have not entered jet. There are yellow markings for doors on the map.
  • Items, upgrades, companions, NPCs and boxes. Also, destroy all boxes and tons, they can give you gold and ammo.
  • If you find a weapon you do not want to keep, you can sell it to Gus for gold.
  • Try to get a good gun, and the boss should not be too hard to kill. You can get guns from Gus or a Box. You need a key card to open the box.

Level 2

  • Beware of the fire, it can damage you. Also, go to every room in the level.
  • You should have the health upgrade and a better weapon to beat the boss.

Level 3

  • If you have upgraded your dash this can be very helpful in this boss fight.
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