Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – How to Get the Real Ending

I did this guide to explain how to get the real ending. I am making this guide for people who are confused on how to see the real ending and how it’s accomplished.

Guide to Get the Real Ending

Right away I will say it’s not as simple as just getting to Gebel and beating him when you first find him. There are other things you have to do to get the real ending as well as a secret location that’s not mapped out. I am doing this as this seems to be a common problem for people who have seen a red moon in one of the stages early in the game. I am doing this for reference and for people who are not sure why the game was so easy at first.

  1. You pretty much have to try and map out as much of the castle as you can.
  2. You have to find and fight Zangetsu, this won’t happen until much later in the game

For reference, Zangetsu is located here:

  1. Once you beat Zangetsu, he gives you his sword (Zangetsuto).
  2. Now, go fight Gebel in the final battle, but don’t kill him.
  3. Watch the moon in the background as you battle Gebel.
  4. Some time when he’s less than 1,000 HP (For me, it was 250 HP) the moon changes color.
  5. Once you see the moon turn red while fighting Gebel, stop attacking Gebel.
  6. Do the technique where you alter gravity (Found later in the game, you will know).
  7. Equip the Zangetsuto sword and slash the red moon.
  8. Boom, the fight is over…

If you have the extra DLC, when you get this far, go back in the room where you fought Gebel, and you will get into another fight with a DLC character.

However, this is not the end yet, there’s still another step to do. Look at the picture of the map, you need to travel here after you beat Gebel, and use the Zangetsuto one more time on the red moon you see. When you strike the moon with the Zangetsuto, you will finally open up a new location and be on your way to fighting the final boss in the game.

Here is where you need to go once you have “properly” beaten Gebel…

I hope this helps explain how to get the real ending as well as get you to the “REAL” final boss.

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