The Red Beret – Material Point Guide

This guide describes the location of special material points.

Guide to Material Points

Material Point Description

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  • Markpoint 1: Can obtain MP40 submachine gun and map.
  • Markpoint 2: You can obtain a military backpack.
  • Markpoint 3: Can mine coal mines.
  • Markpoint 5: Can mine nitrate ore.
  • Markpoint 6: You can obtain a dog.
  • Markpoint 7: Can obtain a parachute bag.
  • Markpoint 8: You can obtain Katyusha rockets.
  • Markpoint 9: Generator and medical kit can be obtained.
  • Markpoint 10: You can obtain a chainsaw.
  • Markpoint 11: You can obtain upgraded gun tower accessories and flame throwers.
  • Markpoint 14: You can obtain a Poposha submachine gun.
  • Markpoint 15: Industrial machine tool accessories can be obtained.
  • Markpoint 16: Can control guided missiles.
  • Markpoint 18: Can obtain STG automatic rifle.
  • Markpoint 23: Fighter can be obtained.
  • Markpoint 26: You can obtain aircraft engines, Sten submachine guns, and generators.
  • Markpoint 28: You can obtain a gas mask.
  • Markpoint 29: Can obtain walkie talkies (call remote artillery).
  • Markpoint 30: Freshwater storage tank, can gain a lot of experience points after destruction.

Additionally, other marker points can receive random ammunition and other supplies.

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