The Pit: Infinity – Crafting Guide

Guide dedicated to listing all the craftable items in the game.

Guide Introduction

Compared to Sword of the Stars: The Pit (the rogue-like that The Pit: infinity is based on) there are a few notable differences in how the crafting system works. One will immediately notice that the crafting recipes can only be learned via deciphering them from the consoles found in the game – whether you know the recipes or not is irrelevant, there is no guessing the recipes here. A second thing that will be noticed is that the craftable items are made from items that serve no purpose other then to be crafted into items.

In any case, I will note that observations here are from personal experience and testing everything in game at the time this guide was written.

Crafting Ingredients

One can find the ingredients to craft items from defeated enemies or as loot from objects in game. Different enemies or objects can provide different resources and as a result the difficulty of the game may impact the drop rate of ingredients you can find.

The following is a list of ingredients for crafting:

Organic Matter – Likely the first ingredient you will come across, organic matter is a common find from the various organic enemies you’ll come across in The Pit. You’ll also sometimes find it from freezers.

Organic Matter is primarily used in the making of many food items to keep your character fed – though it is also important for creating medical supplies as well so one may not necessarily want to use all of it for making food.

Exotic Material – Despite being called a rare ingredient, I’ve never really had too many problems with finding Exotic Materials. That said, I have goofed and made some of the more ‘demanding’ recipes that skew more towards Exotic materials – and thus caused problems for myself.

Much like Organic matter, Exotic Material is used in the making of food and medical items. However, sometimes being less plentiful then Organic Matter, you’ll likely be less inclined to make it into food and save it for medicine instead.

Bindings – Usually something you will find in abundance from enemies and objects, Bindings are a fairly common find in every nook and corridor of The Pit. Usually I end up dropping some of these as they start taking up space in my inventory.

You’ll use Bindings for a various assortment of craftable items found in the game – food, medical items, weapons, armor, Duct Tape. Primarily you’ll use more of it in crafting equipment and maybe Med Patches and Medical Kits, but you’ll want to keep a few odds and ends around for food too.

Molecular Adhesive – Not as common as find in The Pit, Molecular Adhesives will normally be looted from objects or certain worker enemies like Hivers. Depending on how lucky I am in a run – I’ll either have enough of this or I won’t.

There isn’t a whole lot that you’ll be using Molecular Adhesives for, but what it is used for is pretty useful. Ammunition, Med-kits, the R G Special, Fondue Food items, and most of the weapons will require some of this, consider what you spend these on as some items may be more of a luxury when glanced over carefully.

Scrap Metal – Not all enemies you fight are organic – some are robotic! These guys tend to drop scrap metal for you to use. One of the more used and useful crafting ingredients, you might be prone to consider giving a level a ‘look over’ for that stray immobile turret that is around.

Scrap Metal is primarily used in the making of weapons, ammunitions, and armor. Generally when I am good on that front, I usually throw a bit at making some Improvised Lockpicks. A very important crafting material.

Scrap Electronics – Sometimes the robots will drop this over Scrap Metal. Compared to other crafting ingredients, Scrap Electronics are probably the least useful of crafting ingredients in this game so they are usually the first to get dropped if they start filling a second slot in my inventory.

EMP Grenades, Terran Med-kits, and Improvised Med-kits. ‘That’ is the complete list of items you can make with Scrap Electronics. Maybe in the future we’ll see more use out of Scrap Electronics but for now, they are a bit wanting.

Raw Explosives – These are a surprising common find some reason, getting dropped by various enemies and being found in many locker objects. When my means to kill things are looking good, I sometimes drop Raw Explosives due to how often I end up finding them.

Whether or not you need Raw Explosives will ‘really’ depend on your ammunition needs in a given run. You’ll use Raw Explosives in the making of Frag Grenades, HE Grenades, Pistol Ammo, and Rifle Ammo – all of which can be quite useful in making things dead.

Means of Crafting

Crafting is primarily done either through ones inventory or at designated crafting stations littered around The Pit. Before you have any recipes, Handcrafting will likely be your primarily means of obtaining craftable items, though as your time in this game progresses you’ll find recipes which you can use at Cookers and Lab Stations..

Some important things to keep in mind regarding crafting is that much like everything else in the game, Crafting Stations are ‘objects’ and they have limited uses to them. Worth noting as well, a bunch of initial recipes ‘can’ be done through Handcrafting; those being the Sotswich (which you can make with an EZ Cooker, at a Cooker as opposed to just Handcrafting), Improvised Lockpicks, Anti-Venom, and Anti-Biotics (which you can make at a Lab Station or by Handcrafting).

Regardless of how they are made, crafted items will always have the same percentage chance to succeed or fail in being made, while you will be using up the charges on objects like Lab Stations and Cookers if made with them. You will find no advantage in making things that can be made with Handcrafting through crafting stations. That said – there are achievements linked to the usage of objects like Lab Stations and the Cooker so you ‘can’ use them to help get forward towards those achievements.

Anyhow, about the various means of crafting!

Handcrafting – Available immediately via a button in your Inventory screen, initially most recipes you will have available will solely be crafted via Handcrafting. A lot of what you will be able to create via Handcrafting will fill emergency purposes – ie, making Anti-venom or Anti-biotics to help reduce Poison or Disease levels, or making a quick Blandwich to eat; or a quick and dirty convenience – ie, Improvised Lockpicks to make lockpicking easier, Pit Shiv’s to poke things with, or eventually an R G Special to put in your armor slot when you find the recipe for it.

EZ Cooker – Not quite a Cooker but capable of making better food then what you could Handcraft, the EZ Cooker fits in your inventory and can be used on demand wherever you want in the dungeon – so long as you have the charges for it. You can also use it to make basic Med Patches or Hum Gum. Personally myself, I don’t see a lot of use for the EZ Cooker as I would rather use the Inventory space elsewhere and can usually get by with just the Cookers.

Cooker – Found as an object in the Cafeteria areas of the game, Cookers will be your goto when you want to really make use of the Biotech skill. All the good foods can be made with Cookers – some of which can do more then just feed your character. Speaking of more then just feeding your character, you can create Med Patches and Hum Gum here if you don’t have an EZ Cooker in your inventory, and of course Duct Tape – I consider that a throwaway recipe but whatever.

Lab Station – Found in Maintenance, Fabrication, and generally where all the killer robots are, the Lab Station governs the creation of a wide array of goods for your character to use. Lab Stations can greatly help with the longevity of a run – kitting you out with more ammunition for your weapons to use (or a weapon ‘too’ use as the case may be), enabling you to create Med-Kits to help prevent you from immediately dying when you hit points might actually be the death of you (as opposed to say Disease) or Aggressive Anti-Biotics (because Beast Virus, enough said!) You will need recipes to actually make stuff though so don’t really worry about Lab Stations too much when you are initially starting out – also keep in mind that you have to find a working Lab Station too (unless you are the Engineer or are with one).

Crafting – Biotech

In game, Biotech serves only one real purpose gameplay wise – crafting food items. Arguably that is a pretty important purpose though – especially if food gets tight in a run. There are certainly a lot of Food recipes in the game to make too – though you’ll likely be making the same food items over and over again in any specific run.

Here is a rather long list of the many recipes pertaining to Biotech in game thus far:

Cooked Meat – Cooker, EZ Cooker – 4 Organic Matters
Replenishes 50 Food

Probably the most basic item you can make at a Cooker, the beauty of Cooked Meat is that it is stupidly hard to ‘fail’ at making. Unless you are ‘really’ desperate though, I would try to make other items instead.

Blandwich – Handcrafting – 7 Organic Matters
Replenishes 100 Food

You will have to make this to complete the Tutorial. Outside of the Tutorial I ‘guess’ you might make it if you are ‘really’ hurting on food – it gives twice the nourishment over Cooked Meat for example, but if you are capable of making Blandwiches pretty reliably then you ‘really’ should be making other recipes over it – unless for some reason there isn’t a Cooker in sight.

Sotswich – Handcrafting, Cooker, EZ Cooker – 1 Exotic Materials, 6 Organic Matters
Replenishes 160 Food

Another item that you will have to make to complete the Tutorial. Hopefully soon enough you’ll find some better recipes but this will help to keep you fed at least until you do. I consider this a mainstay food item as you have a fairly easy check to pass to make a Sotswich and get some good nourishment from it too.

Bird of Feasting – Cooker – 3 Bindings, 1 Exotic Materials, 10 Organic Matters
Replenishes 300 Food

A lot of ingredients to make this one, but it will certainly provide a lot of nourishment if you do make it. I consider this to be a bit of a ‘dud’ recipe as you are probably better off making items that cost less ingredients due to how hard it is to make this recipe and the potential loss of everything used to make it.

Hero Sotswich – Cooker – 1 Bindings, 2 Exotic Materials, 5 Organic Matters
Replenishes 300 Food

There is an achievement linked to the Hero Sotswich – make 25 of them for some fresh eating! It also will provide the same benefits of a Bird of Feasting for less ingredients. That said, the success chance on this is ludicrously hard so I wouldn’t suggest attempting to make it unless you have resources to spare or a really high Biotech skill.

Omelette [2] – Cooker, EZ Cooker – 1 Exotic Material, 3 Organic Matters
Replenishes 90 Food and is produces in pairs on a successful creation

Very easy to make – even easier then a Sotswich in fact, and providing more nourishment over all altogether. The Omelette recipe is a clear winner if you have the space in your inventory and need something to eat.

Bacon Sotswich – Cooker – 3 Exotic Materials, 12 Organic Matters
Replenishes 250 Food

Another food item linked to an achievement – eat 50 Bacon Sotswiches until they burst out of your Chest! The Bacon Sotswich is really not worth making outside of the achievement as it is costly on the resources to make and can fail fairly often too.

Infini Food [2] – Cooker – 5 Exotic Materials, 1 Organic Matters
Replenishes 100 Food and is produces in pairs on a successful creation

This is a rather interesting food entry as it costs more Exotic Materials then Organic Matters to make. That said, if you have excess Exotic Materials then this is a really good recipe to make use of them with – plus on top of this the chance for making Infini Food isn’t too hard compared to other recipes either.

Deli Sotswich – Cooker, EZ Cooker – 2 Exotic Materials, 5 Organic Matters
Replenishes 190 Food

Giving a little extra food while not being that much harder to make then a regular Sotswich, the Deli Sotswich is a pretty decent alternative to make over the Sotswich – though not ‘that’ much better.

Fortifying Sandwich – EZ Cooker – 1 Bindings, 1 Exotic Materials, 5 Organic Matters
Replenishes 150 Food

Honestly this feels like an extremely weak food item to make. A Sotswich will replenish more food and not require you to have an EZ Cooker on hand to make. Don’t bother making this.

Roast Beef – Cooker – 4 Bindings, 8 Organic Matters
Replenishes 250 Food – Note, takes up 2 Inventory Slots

A rather peculiar food item that takes up as much space as a weapon repair kit, Roast Beef is just as difficult to make as a Bird of Feasting but takes a couple less items to make and provides a little less nourishment. Pretty much another dud in my eyes.

Stinkwich [2] – Cooker, EZ Cooker – 1 Binding, 1 Exotic Material, 3 Organic Matters
Replenishes 60 Food and is produces in pairs on a successful creation

I guess this is a troll item to make for your friends? The Stinkwich recipe is similar to that for Omelette’s – except that you get only 2/3 of the value and spend an extra binding. It is a clear loss to make this item. I guess it is a little easier to make – but in most cases you shouldn’t have a problem making Omelette’s to begin with so that really doesn’t mean much.

Star Fondue – Cooker – 10 Exotic Materials, 2 Molecular Adhesive, 7 Organic Matters
Replenishes 280 Food and 150 Health

Star Fondue is a bit more then your ‘regular’ dish as you aren’t just using it for the sake of nourishing your character. Consuming a Star Fondue will also heal yourself and does so for quite a bit of lost health points – likely the more then even most healing items in the game. The only downside is that 2 Molecular Adhesive to make and taking up a solid inventory space – no stacking here.

Chocolate Fondue – Cooker – 8 Exotic Materials, 2 Molecular Adhesive, 4 Organic Matters
Replenishes 180 Food and 200 Health

The hardest of the Fondue recipes to make, the Chocolate Fondue heals more then Star Fondue but feeds less. I’m not sure it is necessarily worth making with its hard chance to create or the solid single inventory space to hold but it has its worth at least.

Fondue – Cooker – 4 Exotic Materials, 2 Molecular Adhesive, 2 Organic Matters
Replenishes 160 Food and 25 Health

Compared to the other variants, the regular Fondue doesn’t heal as much health or replenish much food – all while having the drawbacks of the other Fondue items. Avoid it.

Energy Drink – Cooker – 4 Exotic Materials, 2 Organic Matters
Replenishes 50 Food and boosts Healing Rate and Moving Rate

Gotta Go Fast! The Energy Drink is not about nourishment so much as it is about giving you wings. Quaffing an Energy Drink will give your system a nice little jolt – allowing you to naturally move and heal faster. Great for those intially entries into levels where you’ll be running through the corridors killing the baddies before entering rooms.

Hum Gum [3] – Cooker, EZ Cooker – 2 Exotic Materials, 1 Molecular Adhesive, 1 Organic Matter
Clears Berserk, Stun, and Confused effects.

In theory this should be pretty useful, but in practice it isn’t really. The purpose of Hum Gum is to knock you out of nasty status ailments – but they don’t last long enough to really hamper you. Well, except Blind, but this doesn’t cure Blindness so that is mute. Also, only Stun appears to be in game currently so that could be why this isn’t as useful as it is right now.

Duct Tape – Cooker – 5 Bindings, 3 Molecular Adhesive
Fixes Durability on Items at Great Cost to Item’s Overall Durability

You can make Duct Tape, but I wouldn’t recommend doing so. Duct Tape is really only useful on items you don’t really care too much about but wouldn’t mind getting a few extra moments of worth with. You are certainly better off using proper repair tools – not to mention you might just find some Duct Tape lying around to use anyway. I wouldn’t bother with this.

Crafting – Medical

Medical isn’t just a skill to help increase the amount you heal from healing items in the game or the chance that you’ll use medical supplies successfully to begin with, it is also useful for ‘making’ medical supplies to use. You’ll mostly be using your Medical skill at Lab Stations for this purpose – though I will note that Dampers and Med Patch are made at Cookers.

The list of craftable items related to the Medical skill includes:

Anti-Biotics – Handcrafting, Lab Station – 3 Exotic Materials, 3 Organic Matters
Reduces Disease level by 2 ranks

Disease is a real killer in this game – even moreso then running out of health! Getting to Disease Rank 10 is instant death and ‘it is’ possible to get put up enough Disease Ranks quickly enough that it will spiral out of control. Anti-Biotics can help to lower Disease to where it is possible you can make successful Might checks to lower and clear it – or just get rid of it if you really want.

Anti-Venom – Handcrafting, Lab Station – 4 Exotic Materials, 2 Organic Matters
Clears Poison level by 3 ranks

I’ve never really found poison to be all that dangerous in this game – bar being stupid and letting it get to level 10. That said, you may want to clear it just to get rid of it being a constant annoyance.

Damper – Cooker – 4 Bindings, 3 Exotic Material, 2 Molecular Adhesives, 1 Organic Matter
Reduces Radiation level by 2 ranks

Radiation doesn’t come from a whole lot of sources until the middle and late game. When it does come though it can really hamper your ability to do anything – thus having some Dampers around can help out a lot.

Aggressive Antibiotics – Lab Station – 6 Exotic Materials, 4 Organic Matters
Reduces Disease level by 4 ranks

Far more powerful then the Anti-Biotic, Aggressive Antibiotics are easier to succeed in crafting in and will help you survive even when you have really high Disease levels. The only downside is that it requires a Lab Station where the regular Anti-Biotics do not – so while you may prefer to craft these, there may come a time when you will have to make do with just the regular ones.

Improvised Med-kit – Lab Station – 4 Bindings, 4 Exotic Materials, 4 Molecular Adhesives, 4 Organic Matters
Reduces Disease level by 1 rank and replenishes 50> ave health each use, 4 Charges on Med-kit

The Improvised Med-Kit is a fairly basic healing device that can provide some basic healing for you. In a pinch it can also be used to combat Disease levels if you are out of Anti-biotics. It is extremely costly on the Molecular Adhesives to make but is good for healing when out of combat. Usually I find it restores consistently less health then a Med Patch unless the character has a lot of Medical Skill. Notable, the the amount healed also fluctuates.

Terran Med-kit – Lab Station – 7 Bindings, 2 Scrap Electronics, 7 Exotic Materials, 7 Molecular Adhesives, 7 Organic Matters
Reduces Disease level by 1 rank and replenishes 50< avg health each use, 5 Charges on Med-kit

A step up from the Improvised Med-kit, the Terran Med-kit takes a tremendous amount of resources to make but certainly delivers better Similar to the Improvised Med-kit you get that Disease level reduction of 1 and a cooldown delay to use, possibly quick enough that you can duck around corners to use in combat. Consistently I find it heals more then a Med Patch – even on characters with low Medical skill. Like the Improvised Med-kit, the amount healed fluctuates.

Med Patch – Cooker, EZ Cooker – 4 Bindings, 1 Exotic Material, 2 Molecular Adhesives, 2 Organic Matters
Replenishes 50 Health

Med Patches are an excellent item to ‘immediately’ heal up your character – particularly in a fight where you may not have time to duck around a corner and use a Med-kit. Unlike other healing items you might make, Med Patches don’t check Medical skill to use and heal a solid amount. The only real drawback is that you only get a single Med Patch from the creation of the item.

Crafting – Mechanical

All the good stuff for crafting will fall under the Mechanical skill – so ‘Hoorah’ Marines, you’ll be able to make the good stuff easily (at least once you find the recipes). Here is where all the things that help you keep killing things goes – and Improvised Lockpicks, I definitely make a lot of those myself!

The created goodies of the Mechanical skill are as follows:

Improvised Lockpicks [3] – Handcrafting, Lab Station – 2 Bindings, 1 Scrap Electronic, 1 Scrap Metal
Produces 3 Improvised Lockpicks that provide a small bonus in Lockpicking activities

Useful for when you want a bit higher of a chance to pick a lock but don’t want to use your regular Lockpicks – or for when you don’t have any Lockpick Sets left. Improvised Lockpicks are fairly easy to make and something I will often use up excess charges for Lab Stations on. Just be wary of the Scrap Metals you might be using as you can use that up quick if you aren’t paying attention.

Door Spike – Handcrafting, Lab Station – 2 Bindings, 2 Raw Explosives, 2 Scrap Metals
125 Damage To Doors

The Door Spike is a craftable Breaching Charge you can use to damage doors – which translates into less time punching doors to break them when you fail to Lockpick them. Maybe for Speedrunning the game this might be useful but I consider it something that can be ignored.

Pistol Rounds [20] – Lab Station – 2 Raw Explosives, 4 Scrap Metals, 2 Molecular Adhesives
Makes 20 regular Pistol Rounds

Running out of ammunition isn’t great in this game – some of the killer robots in this game will eviscerate you and some of the big organic enemies will maul you if you try stabbing them with pointy things in melee. I don’t consider Pistols to be the best weapons but using them can save durability on other weapons that are better save for tougher enemies or are out of ammunition.

Rifle Ammo [15] – Lab Station – 4 Raw Explosives, 4 Scrap Metal, 2 Molecular Adhesives
Makes 15 regular Rifle Rounds

Rifles will generally remain viable throughout the game, so being able to keep firing them is always good. This will let you keep doing so. So long as you have rifles to fire, this will always be worth crafting.

Frag Grenade – Lab Station – 3 Raw Explosives, 5 Scrap Metals, 1 Weapon Part
Produces 3 grenades with 75/50/35 Accuracy at 4M/8M/12M, 35-50 Damage, 150 Penetration, 2 Attack Speed

The Frag Grenade is similar to the HE Grenade but I’m guessing its blast radius works differently – though whether that means HE Grenades have less blast radius or just the same damage in the same area that the Frag Grenades have I’m not sure. In any case I don’t consider these much better then HE Grenades in terms of other stuff you could be crafting.

HE Grenades [3] – Lab Station – 5 Raw Explosives, 3 Scrap Metals, 2 Weapons Parts
Produces 3 grenades with 80 Accuracy, 30-60 Damage, 80 Penetration, 2 Attack Speed

Grenades are pretty hard to make in this game, and you only will get a few from this recipe to make them. The HE Grenades in particular also take 2 Weapon Parts – Weapon Parts you could be using to make ‘Weapons’ with that would likely help you more in the long run; not to mention the ammunition you could make with the Scrap Metal and Raw Explosives. A bit of a dud here.

Pit Shiv – Handcrafting – 2 Bindings, 4 Scrap Metals
5 Durability, 80 Accuracy, 2-4 Damage, 10 Penetration, 0 Reload Time, 0.8 Attack Speed

The Pit Shiv is the one weapon that can be handcrafted, and is available to make immediately. I consider it to be a waste of resources though as it doesn’t have enough durability to last too long and it isn’t exactly all that much better then your bare fists.

Blade – Lab Station – 5 Bindings, 6 Scrap Metals, 1 Molecular Adhesives
25 Durability, 40/40/40 Accuracy at 2M/2M/2M, 5-8 Damage, 40 Penetration, 0 Reload Time, 1 Attack Speed

A clear step up from the Pit Shiv with decent durability, over twice the damage, and four times the penetration power; the Blade is a solid instrument for helping you save your precious weapons and ammunition from being used on weak enemies – I wouldn’t recommend finishing off wounded ones with it though, that seems foolhardy.

Pistol – Lab Station – 3 Bindings, 5 Scrap Metals, 2 Molecular Adhesives, 3 Weapon Parts
50 Durability, 20/-10/-30 Accuracy at 5M/9M/45M, 6-10 Damage, 40 Penetration, 2.8 Reload Time, 0.4 Attack Speed

This is the same revolver that the Engineer starts off with and it is a sturdy workhorse that inflicts solid damage. Compared to the Auto-Pistol you might want to craft this if you wish to get more ‘bang’ for your buck in regards to each pistol round fired off; or if you just want something to fire off that Pistol Ammo without using up too many valuable resources.

Auto-Pistol – Lab Station – 2 Bindings, 6 Scrap Metals, 3 Molecular Adhesives, 3 Weapon Parts
30 Durability, 15/0/-35 Accuracy at 6M/11M/45M, 4-7 Damage, 35 Penetration, 1/5 Reload Time, 0.2 Attack Speed

The Auto Pistol is the rapid fire bullet spitter the everyone but the Medic and Engineer starts with. This is great for spraying an enemy with lead; assuming you have the ammo to do it with. Just be mindful of its durability – unless you ‘want’ to craft another Auto-Pistol to replace it with.

Boomstick – Lab Station – 4 Bindings, 5 Scrap Metals, 4 Weapon Parts
45 Durability, 80/15/-20 Accuracy at 6M/8M/15M, 25-35 Damage, 20 Penetration, 1.2 Reload Time, 0.5 Attack Speed

This is the starting shotgun for everyone, and she sure is a beauty. She only has two barrels but she reloads fast and does massive damage. If you lose your starting Boomstick or if the durability on it begins to drop to the point where it isn’t worth repairing it then replacing it might be a worthy consideration. It is also one of the easier weapons to succeed in making which is nice too.

Rifle – Lab Station – 4 Bindings, 10 Scrap Metals, 4 Molecular Adhesives, 6 Weapon Parts
50 Durability, -20/20/35 Accuracy at 4M/18M/50M, 9-13 Damage, 60 Penetration, 3 Reload Time, 1.5 Attack Speed

This is a simple bolt action rifle that does considerably good damage but takes forever to reload. Its main advantage over other weapons is for killing stuff at long range before it gets anywhere close to you. I consider it a little expensive for the resources it takes to make but it can use up Rifle Ammo if you don’t have another Rifle around for that.

Crafting – Foraging

At this time there is just one lone item you can make with the Foraging skill – which happens to be the one armor that can be made in this game. Useful I guess if you can’t find any and have some spare resources around:

R G Special – Handcrafting – 6 Bindings, 2 Scrap Metals, 2 Molecular Adhesives
Torso Armor Item with 70 Durability that provides 30 Armor

The R G Special is not exactly all that useful in regards to protection, but it is better then nothing. It certainly has some decent durability and won’t conflict with a belt item you might want to wear so it is really a matter of whether it is worth spending the resources for this or not. Just note that it can be somewhat difficult to make, especially if you don’t have good Foraging to make it with.

Crafting – Electronics

There apparently is one craftable item that revolves around the Electronics skill. If you have been cursing about not being able to repair your fancy energy weapons, fret no more!

Energy System Tuner – Lab Station – 8 Scrap Electronics, 1 Scrap Metal, 3 Weapon Parts
Energy System Tuner with 3 Charges

Much like how the Sharpening Kit or the Ballistic Kit works, the Energy Systems Tuner will restore some of the durability to an item at the cost to its maximum durability. Useful if you happen to like using such weapons – especially on the Medic since she starts out with one!

Crafting – Engineering

You can make a couple of ‘dud’ items with your Engineering skill when it comes to crafting. Too bad really, it would be ‘nice’ to have some reason to invest in Engineering on a character; or just a decent craftable item to use all those Scrap Electronics on:

EMP Grenade – Lab Station – 2 Bindings, 6 Scrap Electronics, 5 Scrap Metals, 1 Molecular Adhesive
Causes limited damage to robots within its small blast radius.

I can’t say I’ve found the EMP Grenade to be too useful. Its area of effect is just too small for it be effective – and that is ignoring the fact that it is only really useful on robots. You only get the one EMP Grenade from crafting this and unless you are an Engineer it isn’t exactly easy to craft either. Craft regular Frag Grenades instead if you want a grenade to throw.

Energy Backpack – Lab Station – 6 Bindings, 5 Scrap Electronics, 3 Exotic Materials, 4 Scrap Metals, 3 Molecular Adhesives
Makes 1 Energy Backpack

Another weapon I’m not really fond of are the Laser Weapons in this game. Sure, they can be fun to fire and have a lot of utility in keeping the melee enemies away, but the Energy Backpack takes up 4 full inventory spaces and only recharges your Laser Weapon once for use. The resources to make just one backpack is quite expensive too. If there was one good thing to say about the Backpack- it is at least fairly easy to make even with low Engineering skill.

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