The Price Of Flesh – Derek’s Secret Achievement Step-by-Step

I had some major issues with the exact timing of Derek’s route’s secret achievement (blood) because the amount of turns you get before you bleed out is so finicky, so I tested and discovered a step by step walkthrough that should work every single time. Enjoy!


Derek’s Secret Achievement Guide

  • Stay in the desert once to pass time
  • Go down to the fissure
  • Stay in the fissure twice to get out of the heat
  • Go back to the desert

Derek should show up.

  • Hide
  • This answer doesn’t actually change anything
  • Refuse
  • Beg
  • Walk up to the hill

It will be nighttime now and your health should be at 52.

  • Stay four times
  • Actions -> Search
  • Go inside
  • Wait
  • Grab Komodo
  • Stab him in the back

It should now be 3:00am and your health should be at 32.

Do not talk to Tom (I know it’s tempting, he’s a real sweetie.)

  • Leave the cave
  • Go to the open desert
  • Stay four times

Derek will show up just as your health is at 2.

  • Beg
  • Use the knife
  • Kill him

Your health should be at 0 now and this is your last action.

  • Walk up to the hill
  • Offer the knife
Created by foxuppi


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