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Jetragon Breeding

Attack Jetragon & Movement speed Jetragon (w/o Nimble wasn’t worth the extra hassle so I went with mine foreman instead on purpose).

I also wasn’t breeding for IV’s as I was unaware when I started so breeding for IV’s included would take longer. Rough estimate on length of breeding times for 4 stat Jetragon.

Starting pair first generation: 12 eggs

Second gen Breeding pairs: ATK: Ferrocious+ Legend, Legend+ Divine Dragon SPD: legend+ Runner , Legend

  • ATK: 1st round 6 eggs
  • ATK: 2nd round 6 eggs
  • ATK: 3rd round 5 eggs (got Legend+ MuscleHead: replaced Legend; 3rd gen)
  • ATK: 4th round 6 eggs (got Legend+Musclehead+Divine Dragon: replaced MuscleHead+Legend; 4th gen)
  • ATK: 5th round 8 eggs
  • ATK: 6th round 8 eggs
  • ATK: 7th round 9 eggs
  • ATK: 8th round 11 eggs (got Musclehead+Legend+Ferrocious+Divine Dragon; 5th gen)

ATK Total: 71 eggs total (including 1st Gen) @ 8:30 per egg lay, total breed time 10 hours, or 603.5 minutes.

  • SPD: 1st round 6 eggs
  • SPD: 2nd round 7 eggs
  • SPD: 3rd round 11 eggs (Got Mine Foreman kept for later, wanted swift first)
  • SPD: 4th round 10 eggs
  • SPD: 5th round 21 eggs (got Swift+ Legend, replaced Legend; 3rd gen)
  • SPD: 6th round 13 eggs (got Swift+Legend+Runner, Replaced Swift+ Legend & Legend + Runner W/ Mine Foreman; 4th gen)
  • SPD: 7th round 13 eggs (got Swift+ Legend+ Runner+ Mine Foreman; 5th gen)

SPD Total: 93 eggs total (including 1st gen: some of these eggs hit in the middle of a round of eggs so -10 to 20ish of actual eggs needed to get them, but 93 eggs total for probability stats; if you hatch 10 at a time you have almost a guaranteed chance of 1 hitting with the amount of stats you want, it might be a new unwanted stat though.

I discovered this towards the end, between 3 species) @8:30 per egg lay, total breed time: 13 hours, or 790.5 minutes.

Total Breed time for both Jetragons: 23.25 Hours or 1394 minutes total.

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