Thronefall – Frostee Quests A & B Guide

Guide to Frostee Quests A & B

Before You Start

Before you can follow my guide you need to have a couple of things unlocked. You will need the following:

  • Heavy Sword
  • Arcane Tower
  • Castle Fortifications
  • Hunter Units

If you are reading this guide and you already have 3 perks unlocked, I suggest you use Royal Mint as a 3rd perk so you can buy more earlier. There is a little RNG with units sometimes as they will leave where you station them to fight enemies but the guide does work.

Thank You and I hope I help!

Night 1

The 1st night is really easy it only has 7 swordsmen. You start by buying the castle, and harbor right away. Start the wave, gather the enemies train them in a circle. Because we have arcane tower equipped your castle should be able to reach, and kill all the enemies. If any try to go for the Harbor, gather them back up.

Night 2

For the start of the 2nd night, buy 1 house preferrably towards the back. There are 17 slimes for this wave it should be easy. Start the wave, and Rush the slimes and use the ability for the heavy sword since it is effective against weaker enemies. The most important thing for this night is protect the harbor, this is because if the harbor gets destroyed twice you will most likely fail.

Night 3

Night 3 is another easy wave with only 4 crossbowmen. You have to buy 1 house and the tower ledt of the harbor. With you buying this you now have a meat shield for the harbor, to help keep gold production. This is the only wave you do not have have to attack the troops, but you can if you want.

Night 4

Night 4 is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is buy ranged barracks with hunters then lead the Hunters to a spot in front of the harbor & castle.There will be 45 slimes so, after you start the wave make sure you run to the slimes and use your ability in the middle of the crowds, this prevents the hunters from being overwhelmed.

Night 5

Night 5 has 10 swordsmen and 1 ram, build 2 houses on the right and 1 on the left, place the hunters in front of the guard tower, let them focus the swordsmen, you should focus on the 1ram.

Night 6

Night 6 has only 9 wasp, the flying units. Upgrade castle with builders guild to start upgrading house for free, you also want to build the right side harbor to increase gold production. The harbor will be vulnerable this round, but move the hunters next to the harbor to hopefully protect it. This is inconsistent sometimes it will be destroyed others it wont, if happens to be destroyed you will lag behind in gold for a round.

Night 7

Night 7 will consist of 2 rams, and 14 crossbowmen.You want to build the left harbor, left range with hunters, and a tower. Keep 4 gold. Place the hunters in front of leftside harbor. Start wave go to the bottom entry point and guide enemies toward where you just setup, try to be quick or you may lose a tower and it will be a struggle do not lose the harbor.

Night 8

Night 8 will have 30 spikey slimes and 8 racers. You want to upgrade the middle harbor, buy 3 towers by the right harbor, and buy one house. Setup a barrier of troops between the harbor, and the enemies. While the troops focus slime, you focus racers. if this goes correct the towers may get destroyed, but the harbor will be fine, prevent it from being destroyed if they target it.

Night 9

Night 9 will only have 33 wasps. We will be focusing on investing for more income. You want to upgrade both the right and left harbor, buy 4 houses, and the left tower by the enemy spawn, move 5 hunters to the right harbor, 3 to the left, do not break the harbor(s).

Night 10

Night 10 can be a hard wave with 40 swordsmen, 10 crossbow, 5 ogre, and 4 rams. You want to upgrade the castle with royal mastery or castle up, buy the wall on the left near the gold mine, buy the other towers next to the left harbor, buy a barracks with knights, and one house. Set all the troops in front of the wall on the left this is the best choke hold. You will have to guide the enemies up a little so they can be attacked by your troops. If you dont manage to guide them up they will go to the other side where it is defended poorly.

Night 11

Night 11 is the last easy wave, with 30 racers, 20 wasp, 20 spikey slimes. For the best chances of success, you want to first buy the right side wall as this will stop the racers from charging your castle. You also want to buy the second barracks with flails, buy the second tower on the wall, and the left side wall. If you still have money from preventing damage earlier, you will want to upgrade both hunter and knight barracks as these troops are the most helpful for the rest of the run. Put all troops on the right side in front of the harbor.

Night 12

Night 12 can be difficult but if you have been following everything you’ll live. This night will have 34 slimes, 24 racers, 45 swordsmen, 8 crossbowmen, 17 spikey slime, 10 hunterling, 3 rams and 6 ogres. Start by upgrade all 4 inner tower we bought to lvl 2, and upgrade one tower on the left to lvl 2. You will want to place 4 Flail + 4 Hunters on the right side, the rest of the troops are on the left next to the gold mine buy, the towers should be able to handle the 30 swordsmen.

Night 13

Night 13 is the final night for Frostee, and it has the boss. Start by Upgrading both of the inner walls to lvl2, upgrade the 2 inner towers, next to the middle harbor, to lvl 3 fortress towers, and upgrade the tower on the left harbor to lvl2. If you followed everything these are the last purchases you have to make, If you have any extra gold use it for towers or troops. Put half of your troops on the left and half on the right.

The boss attacks in a very predictable pattern. First he will rise up in the middle, and start in the bottom right corner of the lake, the bottom left, and so on until he works his way to where the middle harbor was located. It is important that half of your troops are on each side because, they are not there to help support the towers, the towers will get overran, you will fail and have to restart. Your troops will slowly move their way up towards the castle, so you shouldn’t have to worry about moving them. On his last health bar, he will continuously leash racers to try and destroy the castle the only way to stop is the finish the boss off. After all this you should get succeed and get quests A and B done with a score of roughly 8-9,000 congratulations!

Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough of everything I wrote. I did the video after the guide to show it works and that somethings can go wrong.

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