Total War: Empire – Definitive Edition – Conqueror of All Achievement Guide (Without Additional Software)

Efficiently kill 1,000,000 enemies without downloading any software.

How to Obtain Conqueror of All Achievement


As is par for the course, we need to increase the unit size first.*

The default location of the file you need is here

  • C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Empire\scripts\preferences.empire_script.txt

On the 9th row is campaign_unit_multiplier, which you should change to 8, or even better 16, if your PC can handle it. 16 will give you 960 cavalrymen per unit.

*Note after changing the unit size you shouldn’t change your game’s graphics settings, as that will also change the unit size. So actually you should first set your desired graphics settings.

Killer Setup

Give yourself an army of Howitzers and give your enemy one giant pile of cavalry. Like this:

Don’t forget to Save Battle Setup before you start, so you can select this battle as many times as needed in Main Menu -> Singleplayer -> Play Battle -> Saved Battles.

Now you should choose Indian Artillery Fort.

This fort is more effective as a death zone compared to the other Siege maps for 2 reasons,

  1. The fort is small but not too small such that all of the 19,200 horses spawn clutched together and inside.
  2. The fort is small and low lying making it easy for your howitzer shells to reach the center.

Death Farm

Once the map has loaded, press Ctrl+A to select all howitzers, Shift+7 and Shift+9 to unlimber and select Percussive Shot. Or just use your mouse.

Now go to the center of the map. Then start the battle and IMMEDIATELY right click near the center to order your howitzers to target that area.

If you’re on campaign_unit_multiplier = 16, it will look like this:

And for campaign_unit_multiplier = 8, it’s like this.

Now sit back and watch the sea of horses undulating back and forth after each fiery barrage as they try to regroup and move over the center again.

Usually, you’ll need about 5 volleys to completely rout them.

Completion Time vs. Comfort

With a unit multiplier of 8, one full run (main menu to main menu) takes about 130 seconds, producing some 5500 kills. This is about 42 kills per second(!). Thus it takes around 6.7 hours to net a full 1,000,000 kills.

In my run I used a multiplier of 16, which slowed down my game considerably. But in this way I could get 11000 kills in about 340 seconds, or 32 kills per second, allowing me to do some other things in while the battle is ongoing.

Higher multipliers crashes the game after the battle loading screen.

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