Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

Note: Credit goes to AsteroidBuggs

Tip one

Never stay still. Run and jump like a crazed gorilla (If you can, use any jump blessings you find).

Tip two

Never use Lit blessings until you get around 6 kills as an average amount per round.

Tip three

Always put a heal barrel on a 3rd slot weapon if you’re in a team to heal your teammates (Helps you survive more skilled teams (Also, the relax blessing is pretty powerful in both healing yourself and your teammates, you just gotta go prone to activate it)).

Tip four

Hipfire is better than aiming down sights when fighting someone that’s close (Never fight a Katana or Jarl Axe user at close range).

Tip five

Make sure to pay attention to any mistakes that turn a battle out of your favor and avoid them in the future (Helps quicken getting better).

Tip six

I made these tips on the spot, so don’t trust them like a guide.

Don’t even trust the guides. I find that just finding a skilled player and asking him is better.

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