Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – How to Play Squads

This is to teach players (which is a whole lot of you) how to effectively work as a team in squads.

Guide to Play Squads

Note: Credit goes to Turdstrider


Allow me to state some things. I am a TABG player who’s clocked in 560 hours as of now, and have seen many things. One of which is how bloody terrible random squads are for the most part. This guide will be in direct response to random squads, or those who don’t use voice communication, and will touch on all skill levels on how to succeed, or at least, be more tolerable as a teammate.

Common Problems

And how to address them

With squads, there are many blunders that act as a detriment to rest to the team that I see WAY too often, like it really shoudn’t be happening as frequently as it does, or maybe that’s normal idk. Let me list a few.

Landing away from where your team is or going away from your team

This is a common with either, less experienced players, or those who overestimate their skill. What happens is that during the start of the match, people will go off on their own journey, or the squad will split off into both ends of the map, and if a straggler dies, welp who’s coming to save them? NO ONE.

It is beyond annoying to lose a teammate in this way, especially if they just leave after they die.

The best way to get around this is to clearly state your intentions. By opening the map and marking a spot you want to go to, people will then, mark the same spot, or choose a different spot. Go with the majority vote and if people still go off on their journey, it’s on them for not clearly respecting what the majority wants to go.

Also, don’t stray too far from your team, if you do and get downed, they will have to get you or will just leave you as a lost cause because the journey to get to you is like travelling across the Alps barefoot.

Being oblivious to pings or when players ask for things

Less annoying, but still a problem nonetheless. A very common lingo is for getting people to all get on a jump pad, when someone pings to no end, they want you there urgently, for a jump pad, if they’re in danger or they want to get a move on. Less experienced players fall victim to this, which i mean, i don’t blame you.

Also player dialogue, for those who don’t know, you can press enter to write a message, then press enter to make a chatbox appear stating the message. Commonly used if the person wants something, if someone speaks. They will sometimes ignore it, leaving the player scrambing for loot or of less potential.

For this, be aware, be concise, and be respectful with their wants when communicating via text. This is done off-combat and you usually have time to work things out rationally. For pings, again just be aware of what people ping to, if they are spamming it, they are asking you to go to a location, if it’s done a few times, they are alerting an enemy’s position.

Engaging Multiple Fights

I do fall victim of this sometimes, but sometimes, in cases where fights become very chaotic and mutliple teams fight, it is in your best interest to flee, let the others fight it out, then come in when the fight’s more focused.

Most of the time, they just keep fighting, hoping to get that kill count higher and higher. In these cases i get it, it is nice to see that kill count increase, but it’s fairly worthless when you die trying. Mindless aggression in mutli-team battles is never the way to go, be smart about these occasions.


The most effective teams are the ones that understand the usual flow of squad battles. Fights in open areas are usually sniper battles, with some going in to ambush the other team. In closed areas, it’s similar to solos, but not quite, being very scattered and all about baiting teammates to come get their buddy whilst you stalk the downed person. Here are some VERY effective strategies to help your team win.

Healing options for your team

This is a VERY major way to help your team. Let me list all these down.

Relax Blessing: This is one of these best blessings in the context in squads, not can it heal you in a pinch by going prone (pressing z), it can heal others, including if they are downed. Do not underestimate how amazing this is, you can get your entire squad up at lightning speed by going prone on them, letting the healing speed by the revive process and also save medkits and bandages by healing them when they’re back on their feet.

Healing Barrel: Again, this is just as if not, more potent of a healing option than relax. You can find a pistol (recommend glock, mac-10, tec-9 or another automatic onehand weapon) slap the healing barrel attachment on it, and boom, quick and easy way to heal teammates, this can also be used on downed teammates too. Use this at any given opportunity. A common mistake players make with relax and the heaiing barrel is that they forget to use it or use it very sparingly, use it proactively during a gunfight to keep players topped off on health. Do be mindful using it with poison and storm as the effects still apply to the target, don’t use storm and poison blessings of you choose to use healing barrels.

Spell: Healing Aura: very simple to use, though rarer to find, use it close by teammates to give them a big burst of healing, it does have a cooldown unlike the other options.

Healing Words: While a more selfish option, it’s very useful for those who get downed a lot, the healing words work whilst downed, with the legendary variant able to effectively, keep you alive indefinitely while downed.

Healing is probably one of the strongest ways to assist your team and can save you countless times from peril, like it has for me, many times.

Long ranged weaponry

In squads, long ranged weapons tend to be very effective here, you can support teammates far away from you and you can harass squads doing this. I don’t have much to say here as i would need to get into specifics on fighting in long range, which I don’t think you need to in this guide.


All of these tips were to address, and to hopefully, educate people who play squads with random people, and to hopefully minimise the common mistakes made by players of all skill brackets.

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