Touhou Crisis – 100% Achievement Guide

All achievements guide!

Estimated Completion Time

5~10 minutes

Note: The estimated time could vary in case more achievements are added.

Just like in the Arcades!

Finished 1 game online, and you didn’t even need any quarters!

Self-explanatory, just play with a friend. It doesn’t matter if you lose.

Reimungton 890

Congrats for winning as Reimu! Y’see, it’s a pun on the Remington shotgun but we add “Reimu” to it, also the 890 when read separately in Japanese sounds like Hakurei. It’s a reference to a Youtube video by the same name, give it a watch

Finish the game as Reimu, she will be set by default.


Congrats for winning as Marisa! Y’see it’s a reference to the M4 carbine rifle but then we sneak in “leet” speak to spell “Magic”. Yeah I spent a lot of time on this

Finish the game as Marisa. Click your name tag to change characters.

Za Warudo! Toki Yo Tomare!

That’s what you get for trying to take pot shots while she’s stopping time! And yes, this is a Jojo reference

Try to shoot Sakuya while she’s stopping time.

She will do this move in her last Life-bar, do not defeat her quickly.

If you need a clue about which move is, here’s a video.

Created by ぞらいと

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