Tower of Fantasy – How to Fix Errors

Error 7812021

The Tower of Fantasy Error 7812021 – Verification of Some Files Failed has been causing some trouble, mostly among the PC players.

How to Fix Error 7812021

  1. First and foremost, you have to press the Windows key + I key. Likewise, you have to click on Apps. After you click on Apps, you have to click on the Optional Features.
  2. Next, you have to click on the Add a feature option in the Optional Features. Likewise, you have to search for a Graphics Tool in the Optional Features.
  3. Then, you have to check it and install it. After doing so, you have to exit the Window and Press the Windows Key + R Key.
  4. Now, you have to type in dxcpl and hit the Enter key. Likewise, you have to press OK when you get a prompt.
  5. After getting a prompt and pressing OK, you have to click on the Edit List in the new window. You have to search and find the files that you need. Likewise, you have to search both the QRSL.exe as well as tof_launcher.exe files.
  6. After finding both the files, you have to click on Ok.
  7. Then, you have to go to the DirectX Properties Window and make sure it is set to Force On. Likewise, you have to scroll down for Device Settings and set the Feature level limit to 11_1.
  8. You have to now check the box that says Disable Feature Level Upgrade.
  9. Finally, you have to click on Apply the changes and restart your system.

Error 2618

Error 2618 is an error that comes up when servers are too busy to accomodate more players. Players either get a message with the 2618 code or the phrase “Already logged into the game with this account.”

Although the error still persists, developers are already working towards improving server quality and have given on compensations for players who couldn’t access the game.

How to Fix Error 2618

Because Error 2618 is a server error, there’s not much you can do to fix it. The best you can do is to relaunch Tower of Fantasy. If the error still persists, you might just have to wait until servers get less busy.

Another alternative is to play the game in a different server. However, doing this comes with its own drawbacks. Characters owned, player level, and story progress do not carry over to other servers

Error 32

Change the region (from Europe to USA), enter the date of birth, accept the agreement. In the upper right corner of the launcher there is a menu button, we find the exit button from the launcher. Then we restart the game, then select my actual location (Europe) – log in, the error should disappear.

Error 17

Log out of steam and run it as administrator.

Memory Leak and Crashing Issue

The memory leak is caused by outdated Nvidia DLSS and will only happen if you have DLSS enabled. To fix this error, simply disable DLSS or update Nvidia DLSS to version (or newer).

Tower of Fantasy uses DLSS from nvngx_dlss.dll.

Tower of Fantasy DLL is located in:

  • Steam\steamapps\common\Tower of Fantasy\Tower of Fantasy\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Nvidia\DLSS\Binaries\ThirdParty\Win64

Download link for nvngx_dlss

BSOD (DPC_Watchdog_Violation)

  1. Go to %windir%/System32/drivers
  2. Delete ksophon_x64.sys
  3. Create (or download) null.sys, change its name to ksophon_x64.sys and transfer it to the folder
  4. Make the file “read-only”
  5. Copy the file to Tower Of Fantasy/Hotta/Binaries/Win64
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