Train Valley – Juggler Achievement Guide

A simple solution for the Juggler achievement that should work for anyone.

How to Obtain Juggler Achievement

Juggler Achievement Solution

Here are the details on what I did, in case anyone else is having trouble with this achievement.

I used level 5-6 (Germany DLC free play). I think something similar could be done on level 4-6 (Japan free play) but I did not try it.

Build a track layout that looks something like this:

Play normally, delivering as many trains safely to their destinations as possible (this level goes on for a long time). When you are getting near the end, park one train on the straight track at the top of the map, and another train on the straight track at the bottom. Then wait for all eight stations to fill up, using the “schedule additional train” button if necessary.

When all eight stations are full, pause the game and launch all trains from their stations. At the same time, start the two parked trains — don’t forget about those two! Once you have verified that the “moving” icon is displayed above all ten trains, unpause the game. The trains will most likely all crash after a few seconds, but that’s okay — they only need to be moving simultaneously for a few seconds, and you should have over $100k left which is more than enough to repair the broken tracks and deliver the last few trains to complete the level.

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