Core Keeper – Guide to Obsidian Ground and Wall Removal

Vanilla mechanics for removing obsidian walls and floors.

Obsidian Ground and Wall Removal

Obsidian Wall Removal

The only known vanilla method for removing obsidian walls currently is by using the slime bosses or ghorm which are both limiting from their spawns/paths.

Obsidian Ground Removal

A quick method for removing mazes and obsidian ground structures in the stone biome is by using Ghorm which will replace all ground tiles, water, and void with dirt tiles. ghorm only travels a short distance away from its track so it’s limiting. Leftover obsidian ground can be removed with iron and scarlet hoes by first glitch tilling the ground (the same glitch can be used to duplicate most if not all ground tiles, moss included but its slow).

It may take multiple attempts for the obsidian ground to get tilled. tilled obsidian ground can be dug up with a shovel but it’ll simply reappear. To fully remove it, dig up the tilled obsidian ground and quickly place any ground or bridge in it’s place then dig it back up afterwards to permanently remove the obsidian ground.

Some Ghorm Details

Ghorm doesn’t replace all ground tiles from the walls that it destroys, the ground replacement has about a tile shorter of a range compared to it destroying the walls. it’s more noticeable when attempting to remove a maze. indestructible monuments like the sea shell won’t get destroyed but ghorm can replace any water and ground tiles under it with dirt while the player can’t.

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