Trombone Champ – Secret Ending Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps in order to reach and eventually defeat the final boss. It may take some time but along the way you will unlock many of the hidden achievements and lore this game has to offer.

Earn S-Rank on 4 Songs

Note: Credit goes to jam

S Ranking 4 songs in this game may look difficult but thankfully there is a selection of easy songs for you to choose from.

You can use the difficulty meter to help you chose which songs you wish to S Rank but I recommend “Warm Up,” “Ball Game,” Trombone Skyze,”, and “Zarathustra.”

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get the S Rank on the first few tries since you will be needing the Toots you earn when completing a song for future steps.

Earning the Blue Key

Once you have S Ranked 4 different songs go to the main menu and click the “Baboon” option. You will be brought to a dark room with a door on the bottom left. Click on that door and you can now interact with the 4 S tiles located in each corner to unlock the hatch. You have now gained access to the Baboon.

Once you have spoken with the Baboon you will need to sacrifice your Toots to the Tootvessle in order to unlock different equipment and eventually the Blue Key.

In total you will need 10,000 Toots to complete this section.

Earning the Red Key

In order to start the process of earning the Red Key you will need the Bass Clef Card. Use your Toots to buy cards, eventually you will need all of them as well as 10 Hot Dog Cards for future steps but for now you just need the Bass Clef Card.

Once you have unlocked the Bass Clef Card all you need to do is repeatedly tap on the card in order to unlock a different dark room. This room is the same as the previous one so just click on the hatch on the floor and then click on the 4 corners to unlock the trapdoor.

After speaking to the Baboon in this room you will need to sacrifice your Turds to the Turdvessel. You can obtain Turds through scrapping any cards you don’t want. I would recommend scrapping any cards you have multiples of excluding the Hot Dog Cards. You will need 10 of them for a future step.

You will need 3,000 Turds to complete this step and earn the Red Key.

Collecting All the Cards

Before beginning this step I would recommend stocking up on a lot of cards as you will be needing to sacrifice all of them.

Once you are ready repeatedly click on the candle located in the bottom right corner in order to access the Demon. The Demon will first ask you for a few cards at a time before then asking for all 50 of them at once. This will give you trombone color “Champ” which you will need in order to defeat the final boss.

The Final Boss

You are now ready to defeat the Final Boss.

Before traversing to the Boss you want to go to Settings and find the “Allegiance” option. From here you will need to change the Baboon Quantity to Inferno and the Baboon Preference to Hamadryas.

For the next step you will need Trazom Card in order to access the Final Boss. Simply buy more cards using your Toots or buy that specific card using your Turds. Before you enter the Boss Battle make sure you have 10 Hot Dog cards, without them you won’t be able to defeat the Final Boss.

Once you are ready to proceed repeatedly click on the Trazom Card. You will be brought to a screen with a box that contains 2 keyholes. Interact with each keyhole in order to use the Keys you’ve obtained to open it, this will unlock the battle.

Before beginning the fight you will need to change your character to Servant of Babi and change your trombone color to Champ.

The final song will be insanely difficult but you don’t need a certain score in order to win, all you needed were your 10 Hot Dog cards.

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