Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts – Naval Invasion Guide (Beta)

This guide shows what has worked for me when using your naval to invade an enemy country. It seems most players are almost there when it comes to them, they are just missing a few details that are not obvious or explained in the game guide itself.

Guide to Naval Invasion

Invasion Preface

I will try to explain what has worked for me along with answering a few questions I have seen.

Most players are doing what they should be doing, I believe people are missing the actual Combat notifications. When your Invasion is underway, you will get a progress or combat report pop-up.

The Special Operations Report shows the results of the combat. The numbers I was seeing are far far less than a land (AI) invasion. Only a couple of thousand KIA.

Naval Invasion – Basics

How to invade. Steps that worked for me.

  • Must be at War with Major Nation holding the territory. You cannot invade a minor country at this time as far as I know.
  • Direct TFs (Task Forces) totaling 100k tons to the Sea Region of the Province you wish to invade. eg: East Philippine Sea Region is the Philippine Sea.
  • Following turn / month you should see the option for “Sea Invasion” under Actions in the Politics Screen for the Nation you are planning to invade.
  • Select “Sea Invasion”.
  • Choose your invasion point (Region name if I remember) and then Yes = Invade.
  • Next turn / month you should receive a Mission List notice of a Naval Invasion on the world map.
  • Select the Mission List > Naval Invasion, you are brought to and zoomed in on the “invasion point”. This is where you should move your TFs to. Somewhere in this general area. I moved close to the port and that seems to work.
  • The next turn / month a Special Operations pop up (window) will show the invasion underway with combat results.

Thoughts and Suggestions

Additional information and strategies that worked for me for a successful Invasion.

I found that multiple TFs are preferable. This is because you might get attacked and your TF could return to its base of operations. I believe you should have Sea Control, a higher Power Projection for the Area you are in. Wiping out the enemy TFs from the area worked for me in the successful invasions.

The Invasions last for a few months (5-7 ?). You’ll have to maintain a large force around the target and defend those forces.

In a failed invasion of mine I believe it was because I did not have enough tonnage close to the Invasion Point during the whole 5-7 months. I was attacked by several small TFs and my big TFs returned to the close ports (China vs Japan).

Realizing this, the next time I would try and put up a screen of single TFs around my invasion TFs. Fast DD or TB to intercept. Also have one of two TFs with strictly combat ships to assist in taking out the enemy TFs that may appear.

Remember, you probably have the invasion setup correctly. Just watch for that Special Operations Report to see how well you are doing.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Jan Bonkoski
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