Undertale – How to Obtain Temmie Armor

This guide will show you how to get the second best armor in the game (pacifist).

Guide to Obtain Temmie Armor

Note: Credit goes to kirstenrenae97

Locating Temmie Village

In order to obtain this armor make sure you are pacifist, or else im pretty sure that the item needed to unlock the temmie armor will not show up.

Now, for locating Temmie village you will want to go to the puzzle where you need to connect a series of bridges via mushrooms and take this route.

Obtaining Enough Gold

So the temmie armor is really expensive, for me it costed around 2k gold including tem pay 4 colleg, which is the item that needs to be bought in order to unlock the temmie armor.

What I did was pace around the room outside of temmie village over and over and defeated every temmie I saw (I was stupid and didnt realize that I could also kill the other monsters for gold but you can also do that).

In order to defeat temmie you will need to open “act” then “flex” when temmie sees you flexing she will instantly drop dead and then aaron, a creature in the water fall will show up and say “I have to disagree”.

Simply dodge his attack and then flex infront of him too.

Lowering the Price

After you have bought “tem pay 4 colleg” you will now be able to buy the temmie armor, but it does not end there… Normally it will cost 9999 gold, however the price depends on how much you have died so if you had a massive skill issue on one boss then it will be cheaper, if you have beaten this game 8 times it will be very expensive.

Hopefully you have not killed undyne yet because this step will require alot of dying, if you have not killed undyne you are lucky, just go to her thing set your spawnpoint there and die around 10 – 15 times.

Now that you have died alot the temmie armor should be cheaper, the lowest it can go is 750 so dont even bother after dying 25 times.

The Grind

This part is pretty simple, mash your fingers across the left and right keys in the room outside of temmie village and defeat whatever stands in your path, if you find a temmie repeat what i said to do in “obtaining enough gold”.


The feeling after not having to mash your fingers and die to undyne for an hour straight sure is great. Hopefully you didnt want to have a normal playthrough because as the wiki states “it can and will ruin the experience of combat”.

This thing will give you 20 defense, and will heal you during rounds, so yeah its kinda worth it.

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