Valorant – How to Play Breach (Beginners Guide)

How to Play Guide: Breach

Breach is an Initiator Agent, focused on leading the charge with his flash and stuns to push the enemy team off balance lining up you and your team for easy kills. Below is the guide for Breach, we will offer a breakdown of his abilities and some tips and tricks to help bring his full utility to the battlefield.

Breach Abilities

All Agents in Valorant will come with a set of abilities that will complement their roles on the battlefield. This usually consists of 2 abilities that can be bought, a signature ability, and an ultimate. Being an Initiator, Breach’s focus is pressuring the enemy and giving duelists the opportunity to rack up some kills.

Aftershock1001An Area of Effect attack that Breach can shoot through walls. The closer an enemy is to the wall, the more damage they will take. There is a slight delay between activation and explosion
Flashpoint2002Works similar to Aftershock, but instead of a damaging AoE, this ability will blind any enemies looking at the wall when the flash goes off.
Fault Line (Signature)N/A1 (35 Second Cool Down)A charged attack that will create an artificial earthquake on a strip of ground in front of Breach, blinding and slowing all enemies caught within it. Has a long cool down so wisely within rounds!
Rolling Thunder (Ultimate)7 ultimate orbs1Breach’s ultimate is just his Signature move multiplied! Rolling thunder will send out a huge volley of shock-waves stunning all enemies caught within. This move is great for a rush plant or to push the enemy off spike for a defuse!

Breach Utility Tips

  • Fault Line is the perfect ability to push back rushing enemies or stun an opponent trying to corner peak a Line of Sight (LoS). The longer you hold fire, the further the stun will go across the map. You should always try to use the maximum stun if possible, but stay safe!
  • Rolling thunder is the perfect defuse rush strategy. Coordinate with your teammates to have you all push defuse together, watching high points and picking off any enemies unlucky enough to be caught within your ultimate. This strategy also works as attackers if the enemy team is split.
  • Flashpoint blinds enemies if they are looking at it, even if they are far away from the area it flashes from. Use this to your advantage and place Flashpoints in places that may be in enemy LoS, but they wont catch as quickly, making them harder to avoid.
  • If you manage to land a few shots on an enemy but they are camping a corner waiting for the rush, use Aftershock. This will force the enemy to move from their corner, lining them up for you to finish them off or killing them in the blast. There is never any reason to rush a kill with breach, use your abilities to stun the enemy however you can

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