Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War – Starter Tips

Tips to Start

Some Good Starting Tips

  • Build your second city as soon as possible (unless you are space marines), then only build the third when you have stabilised with both cities especially with your loyalty.
  • Play the early game with infantry and heroes, the midgame with vehicles and heroes, the late game with aircraft and vehicles.
  • Be carefull against the wildlife, if you lose half your army to it you will probably lose the first big fight with the AI, and the AI is generally stronger in the early game than in the late game where it gets less efficient.
  • Try to never let your energy dip into the negative, and keep your loyalty positive most of the time.
  • After you build your second city there will be a few turns when you have negative loyalty, build loyalty buildings fast to get it back up.
  • The penalties for negative energy are extreme, the ones for negative loyalty are pretty high aswell.

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