Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Useful Tips and Tricks for All Difficulties

A guide made for all difficulties with information about Maps, Weapons, Equipment, Bots and other things.


In my +500 hours of playing Vermintide 2, I learned a few tricks and I hope some of them will help you on your missions.

Empire in Flames

  • In this map there is a shortcut that might coming handy if your allies died.
  • You can skip the wine cellar by going through the house nearby.
  • Just stand on the brick before the doorframe , jump and use your career skill simultaneosly to get through the door.
  • Once there, go up the stairs and jump down the other side of the house where your companions waiting to be rescued, if you give them enough time to respawn.
  • This only works with Slayer, Zealot, Warrior Priest with blessed tome, Handmaiden and
  • Battle Wizard. (sorry Kruber)
  • In the end event you must load the cart with three barrels.
  • The barrel in the cellar is harder to collect because you have to walk a longer way back to the cart and the swarming enemies don´t make it easier, but there are two options to deal with it.
  • 1. Your group can stay up and focus on defeating the incoming enemies while you can carry the blackpowder in moderate safety, or 2. you can throw the barrel upward and someone picks it up.

Old Haunts

  • After placing the first gargoyle head, some chaos warriors will spawn behind the gate near the second head.
  • You might want to kill the chaos warriors first instead to go to the basement, because they can be a much greater problem if they mix up with the frequently spawning plague monks, hookrats and ratlingunners.
  • You can also pick up the gargoyle head nearby and go to the two remaining heads after.


  • In this mission, Lohner sends the Krubersreik five off to a sewer (again), just this sewer is completely dark and you will see this:
  • Fortunateley you can find torches and lite fires to brighten up your way.
  • But if this isn´t enough or you want to complete the two Blightreaper challenges from Okris book, you can bring a moonfire bow or a coruscation staff that also light the way.
  • This also works in the mission “Hunger in the Dark”.

Trial of Treachery

  • The end event in this map can be a bit tricky due to the berserkers, armoured enemies, blightstormers, life leeches and the monster.
  • Many people use the crypt in the arena to defend themselfes, because the enemies will only come from one side (except leech) and you have access to an infinite supply of ammunition.
  • But what if you forget or couldn´t lite the beacons along the way?
  • The shack with the healing supplies before the arena will be locked and you can´t get into the crypt that gives you an advantage in the fight.
  • You can still reach one or two draughts in the shack from outside.
  • And I will show you a trick to enter the crypt without lighting the bonefires.
  • Step 1: Stay in front of the left side of the crypt.
  • Step 2: Jump diagonal to point 2.
  • Step 3: While in midair press D (go right) so you perform a semicircular movement around the pillar, so you land at point X. If you done it correctly, you should notice that you stand closer to the pillar than you could before. (1 and 2 on the picture are a bit far of , just make sure you jump close by the pillar)
  • Step 4: Go left around the wall and stay close to it and it should be possible to enter the crypt now.
  • And don´t forget the supplies at the basement.

Tower of Treachery

  • After the monologe of Sofia you must destroy the four wards in the library.
  • After destroying them, three of the four will always spawn the same specialunit at the same place in every of your runs.
  • 1. Will spawn a Ratlinggunner from which you came from.
  • 2. Will spawn a Globadier upstairs.
  • 3. Will spawn a Hookrat. Make sure you kill it right away or it will likeley jump down and return when you least expect it.
  • Ward 4 will spawn nothing.
  • Soon after, you will reach the Lustria area.
  • You might want to use this shortcut to reach the top.
  • Pass this route to get to the top much faster and without risk of falling down.
  • Turn the head of the Sentinel of Lustria to prevent fall damage in this sector of this mission.
  • In the bossfight you have to throw barrels into the well of souls, but a few people do it wrong.
  • They walk alone and get hit or stay to close at the well of souls and get targeted by the shadow skulls that are always trying to ignite the barrel, which causes in both cases the barrel to explode.
  • In order to prevent this, clear out the enemies nearby or use a career that can dash forward or stealth.
  • When you move forward and throw the barrel at the same time in a 45°angle you should be close enough at this distance:
  • After that, two lines of bonehands emerge from the ground and damage players (not Bots) on contact.
  • To avoid this, you have two options.
  • The first option is to run in circles.
  • The first time the hands move clockwise, the second time they move counter-clockwise.
  • The other option is to hide in the supplyroom.
  • It has some pros and cons.
  • The pros are, that you don´t have to run in circles while fighting enemies, you have endless ammunition and enemies can´t enter the room (except leech).
  • The cons are, that enemies will be waiting outside and attack, if you take a single step outside.
  • Also when you stay too close to the walls the enemies can give you a “Tilean handshake” through the wall.
  • So you might consider to stay outside and only use this room if you need supplies, a break or if your allies died, because they will respawn outside of one of the two supplyrooms.

Fortunes of War

  • Fortunes of War is the most difficult mission in the entire game.
  • Not only it contains a great number of elites, specials and monsters, but you also have a limted amount of supply to get along with.
  • One of the biggest problems are the packmasters, but if you stay at the side of the statue without a rune, you can avoid getting hooked.
  • Just let someone with a ranged weapon clear them out while the others keep fighting below.
  • If you have a Grail Knight which drops potions of strength, you should chance the trait of your charm to concoction.
  • Strength potions are not as useful as potions of concentration in this mission, or probably all missions, but if you have the concoction trait on, you can boost your career skill cooldown with an endless supply of potions that will help clearing out the waves, dependin on your career.
  • It is more useful with classes like Waystalker, Shade, Bounty Hunter, Warrior Priest, Battle Wizard and Unchained.
  • The same goes for other missions.

Chaos Wastes

  • This game mode is a bit different than the usual missions.
  • You cannot bring your gear and you must upgrade your weapons and receive boons in oder to survive.
  • I will introduce some boons/curses and give you tips that might help you on your pilgrimage.
  • Khaine´s Might: It gives you 25% power but 50% curse, perfect for the Warrior Priest, since he has a 100% curse resistance.
  • He´s also immune to Nurgle´s miasma of pestilence curse.
  • Morgai-heg´s doom: It gives you 2 seconds guaranteed critical hit chance after leaving stealth, well suited for Shade, because this class can stealth and build on critical hits.
  • Ladrielle´s Veil: It makes you 5 seconds invisible after taking damage with a 30 second cooldown.
  • Also good for shade, so you can stab enemies in the back.
  • You might want to share what boon you received, so others can react on it.
  • Like if you can duplicate items now, your allies will give you items they want you to multiply, or they steer for the shrine of strife/harmony due to their special items.
  • On your way, it couldn´t hurt to go for paths that brings you more pilgrim´s coins so you can buy some boons or upgrade your weapons.
  • You can also go for Slaanesh cursed levels but avoid Tzeentch cursed places.
  • In my opinion Tzeench has the worst curses.
  • “Bolt of Chance” will transform your enemies into more dangerous ones, and who want to be persued by a mob of plague monks, stormvermin and warpfirethrowers? (or worse)
  • And if you can´t destroy the crystal eggs in time, you have to deal with a monster every time.
  • Slaanesh curses are harmless or even helpful.
  • In “Glory of Greed” you will find no items but enemies spawn sometimes a orb that drops all kind of supply. (including coins)
  • That means you have an endless supply of healing, bombs, ammo and potions.
  • Some people use this fact to farm pilgrim´s coins, but sometimes it is not worth the time.
  • In “Unquenchable Thirst” you take damage over time but find more potions in the level.
  • The potions will heal you so you have no need for draughts or bandages even if you got wounded.
  • But please warn your allies before you unleash a storm of bombs with the potion of endless bombs.
  • On your journey through the Chaos Wastes you will come along some shrines where you can spend your pilgrim´s coins for miracles and boons.
  • Think twice before you buy the miracle of Smednir or Grimnir because they come with a disadvantage and the whole pilgrimage could fail.
  • Especially if the temple of Be´lakor or the citadel of eternity comes next, they are already bad enough.
  • You might also want to skip the chest of trials in the citadel because an Ungor war herd can ruin everything if things go wrong.


In this section I give a short introduction to six weapons.

  • Coruscation staff, beam staff and bolt staff in combination with famished flames:
  • “Famished Flames” is a lvl 10 talent of the Battle Wizard that increases fire damage over time by 150% and decreases non- burn damage by 30%.
  • It has a great effect on the damage output.
  • The charged atack of the coruscation staff primarily deals fire damage, so it is advised to equip famished flames when you play as Battle Wizard.
  • The same goes for the light attack of the beam staff, however the alternative attack of the beam staff (the attack you perform when you cancel the light attack with a right click) deals more non-fire damage and it will decrease the power of the attack.
  • You should pick “Volcanic Force” instead of “Famished Flames” by using the bolt staff.
  • The bolt staff causes no damage over time at all.
  • “Volcanic Force” will increase the power of fully charged attacks and with the bolt staff it can cause serious damage.
  • Bardin´s masterwork pistol has some disadvantages in comparison to the handgun.
  • The pistol needs two shots to kill a specialunit on higher difficulties, the handgun only one, even on Cataclysm.
  • But it has not twice as ammo as the handgun.
  • The pistol is also not as precise as the handgun and has a lower effective range.
  • With a blightstormer in “Against the Grain” cast his spells from afar you will have problems to kill or even hit him.
  • So even if you purchase the Outcast Engineer DLC your trusty handgun doesn´t become an umgak thing.
  • But the masterwork pistol shines on short distances.
  • If you need to deal a lot of damage in short time because of berserkers, monks, a alarmed stormvermin patrol or a monster it is the better choice.
  • An even better choice to deal with berserkers is the rapier from Victor Saltzpyre.
  • With the special attack, you can shoot savage, chaos maulers and stormvermin while block their attacks.
  • It has also a higher stagger power than normal attacks.
  • The rapier is mostly for fighting hordes but with increased headshot damage, the off-hand shot and an charged attack that makes it easy to target the enemies head, it is also capable of fighting armoured ones.


  • If you play with others, you notice that almost all go for a book hunt, especially on Legend difficulty.
  • You might want to bring a trinket with curse resistance, so you have more maximum health and you don´t die.
  • On Cataclysm however it is unusual to pick up tomes and grimoires so it is not needed there.
  • The trait “Boon of Shallya” is a good choice for careers that can easily gain temporary health, like Mercenary or for the Zealot that are based on temporary health instead of permanent.
  • Together with a lvl 5 talent that gives you temporary health when you stagger enemies and the lvl 15 talent smiter, that makes the first hit always count as staggered and also adds another count of stagger if you hit an staggered enemy, you can gain a lot of temporary health in short time.
  • But not all careers have the same lvl 5 and lvl 15 talents.
  • If you go for the mission “Into the Nest” you might want to take a necklace with damage reduction vs Skaven with you, because only Skaven will appear there.
  • The same goes for damage reduction vs Chaos for “The War Camp”.


  • What never shoot at you, usually follows you every step of the way and keeps your back free, but than leaves you literally hanging or doesn´t help you up?
  • If you just answered “the Bots” than you win a pumpkin you lucky ones.
  • Because only a hookrat, leech or a distraction is needed to kill a Bot I will not show you how to make them survive.
  • Instead I will show you how they help you the most.
  • The distribution of roles in the group is essential.
  • Ranged classes keep specials away, while tanks distract enemies and stay long enough alive to revive you, if they are not distracted by a monster or the warpshots of a ratling, in which case they let you down.
  • Bots have a weird priority if i comes to this.

Some good Bot careers are:

  • Mercenary: He can share his passive ability for more melee speed and with his career skill he grants temporary health, gives you a damage reduction or can revive you instantly.
  • Grail Knight: This career is good for clearing out monsters and chaos warriors and the quests give the whole party a significant advantage.
  • You can even drop the books after completing the quests.
  • Ranger Veteran: If you are playing as one of the ranged classes, you should know its uses.
  • The Ranger Veteran will drop ammunition after defeating a special and he might drop an ale that gives damage reduction and boosts melee speed.
  • He can also drop a bomb or a potion instead, and his career skill can boost melee speed too, while you gain temporary health when you stay inside the smoke.
  • Ironbreaker: He distracts enemies like no other and he´s very tanky too.
  • Probably the last surviving Bot.
  • Bardin can also boost your power by 20% if you got the right talents.
  • Waystalker: A very delicate career but also perfect for taking out specials.
  • The Waystalker can share its passive skill for health regeneration.
  • She can also compensate the melee only careers in your team.
  • Sister of the Thorn: This class can push back detaining specials like assasins or protect you with a wall of vines, boost your power by 15%, critical strike chance by 5% and increases all healing by 25%.
  • Warrior Priest of Sigmar: It is one of the best support careers in the game.
  • Not only the Priest will boost your party with one of three blessings, he can also heal the group while smiting the enemies and give you a shield that makes you immune to damage for some time.
  • The Warrior Priest can resist lots of damage and revive you instantly with his career skill.
  • Unchained: This career can tank a lot of damage, weaken burning enemies and give the group temporary health.

If you are playing with a low HP class like Shade and get knocked down on high difficulties the Bots might not pick you up soon enough.

  • For that classes you could take a Mercenary or the Warrior Priest with you.
  • With their talents “On Yer Feet,Mates!” and “The Comet´s Gift” they can revive you instantly.
  • And with “Natural Bond” the Bots use less healing, but you can still heal them with Bandages.

Other Things

The rarity of equipment means nothing, exotic items can have the same stats as veteran ones. And I not only mean the power level but also the properties.

  • Even if you have the best gear, with a bad connection you can take serious damage.
  • You won´t see them strike until the moment they hit you.
  • And even with a bit of delay, you will take more damage than you are used to.
  • If you have a bit of delay, you probably don´t want to play as Zealot with low HP.
  • Some people (including me) play as Zealot without one health point remaining and for good reason.
  • Yes, the passive skill prevents you from dying but only for a few seconds and it has a long cooldown time.
  • Some people reject healing even after they got downed.
  • Two hits in a certain time interval are enough to kill you.
  • This includes area damage from certain missions like the end event from “Garden of Morr”, a destroyed barrel of lamp oil, a destroyed Nurgle buboe, the flame trail of a warpfirethrower, the flame trail of a stormfiend and other sorts of damage like the explosion of a backpowder barrel, the explosion of a warpfirethrower, the explosion of a bomb from your allies or yourself (if you stay too close), a slave rat comes from behind and gives you a Tilean handshake (again), fall damage, friendly fire or an ally simply looking at you funny.
  • I know it makes you stronger, but it is also more dangerous.
  • The Unchained career of Sienna is almost like that.
  • She gets up to 60% more melee damage depending on her overcharge level.
  • But if you overcharge, your only option is to use your career skill to avoid death and it has a similar cooldown time as the passive skill from the Zealot.
  • The Unchained class overcharges by the same way, just take damage or get hit from an ally, while you are close to the edge and you die.
  • It is literally like playing with fire.
  • And I never see anyone play with Unchained on her limit.
  • If you are play with low HP Zealot anyway, you should stack up some a lot of temporary health.
  • Damage reduction brings you nothing in this state, so forget about the “Barkskin” trait or the “Armour of Faith” talent.
  • You should take the “Boon of Shallya” trait and the “Holy Fortitude” talent that increases the healing you gain (including temporary).
  • One last advice: If you get seperated from your group and you´ve been cased by Elites and you have to get some distance to them, you need to jump of platforms, climb over fences or jump over other objects to make at least a bit of distance.
  • The enemies are in most cases faster than you and hold their speed while attacking, but they get slowed down by climbing or if they have to move around things.
  • You can use this short time to reaload, taking out specials or to buy some time
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