Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – How to Beat Aurora (Chapter 1: Ending)

How to Defeat Aurora

I wiped a lot in the fight on Unfair Difficulty. Aurora can 1-2 shot the party. I had 1 instance where he killed 3 party members in 1 turn, burst fire at short range followed by a dash through melee attack to kill the last guy. He has godlike accuracy and range/melee damage.

I managed to beat him by keeping him at long range away from my team. His militant class and abilities make him too deadly at short-mid range and in melee.

I had Cassia in navigator build using Point of Curiosity & Notch of Purpose to pull him away from the team. Coupled with Idira & Pasqal spamming Expose & Analyse to trigger Inflict Despair so he can’t come near the party. Idira has Sensory Deprivation which helps a lot. I tried to make her DPS mage but its so weak against Aurora, shes better as offensive support.

As usual, debuffing him constantly and buffing my party too. Pasqal and Argenta are my main dmg dealers. Cassia is a mob clearer with her AoE. Everyone else was basically on CC or buffing duty. My melee companion(i brought Heinrix) just focuses on buffs and healing.

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