Phasmophobia – Ouija Board Mastery

This guide will help you master the Ouija board in whatever you need it for.


This portion focuses on where the ghost or bone may be. Where are you? Gives the current room that the ghost is in (not always favorite room). Are you close/here? Tells if the ghost is in the same room as the player. Where is the bone? gives the bone room.

Note: Where are you? and Where is the bone? takes 50% sanity each, so be careful. Are you close/here? is a cheaper Where are you?, because it takes 20% sanity.


These questions are useful when the sanity screen in the truck is broken.

What is my sanity? Responses:

‘Healthy’ (sanity > 80%), ‘good’ (60-80%), ‘Average’ (40-60%), ‘Bad’ (20-40%), ‘Awful’ (<20%) How insane am I? ‘Not very’ (>50%), ‘Very’ (25-50%), ‘Insane’ (<25%)

Note: There are more sanity questions, but you will only need these two. These questions only use 5% of your sanity.

Other Questions

These questions aren’t as important as the others, and I am only using the helpful ones.

Do you respond to everyone? Responds to whether or not the player has to be alone for spirit box.

How old are you? Gives random age. If it changes, the ghost is a Thaye.

Hide and seek? Counts down from 5 and starts a hunt.

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