Rust – Fast Guns Solo Guide

For most of my hours I played solo before I felt lonely and joined a clan. Here’s (IMO) the most fun way of playing solo Rust.

Guide to Fast Guns Solo


  1. Fresh Spawn.
  2. Get a **** ton of cloth.
  3. Make base near smoil.
  4. Buy Sunburn DLC (boogie board (very quiet transport) ) if you don’t find boat.
  5. Get pump from fishing village (optional because you can go with a bow but u can’t grub well with bow). You can also get a diving kit but you don’t really need it if you’re fast enough.
  6. Craft meds out of the cloth (a lot).
  7. Swim rig and try to be there first.
  8. Get on the ladder and kill the scientist on that platform.
  9. Wait patiently (sometimes it may take a while for someone to come).
  10. If some dumbasses climb the ladder kill them all. If they come from stairs, just camp behind the container and kill them all.
  11. Leave loot in base and come back.
  12. Have fun for a few hours until you run out of guns or get raided (raid inevitable).
Created by SHARD

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