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Settings Recommendations

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share my experience so far with you all in the hopes that it might help some of you to have a better experience with the game. After spending time testing different things and getting it dialed in, I’m really loving it.

First… If you are using a wheel I found that you need to click a button on that as the first thing on the main menu, otherwise the wheel doesn’t work. You are then limited to navigating the menu with the wheel though as the keyboard no longer works for that for some reason. Their controller system is obviously broken, so this is the workaround I found for me. Not sure if everyone suffers from this though.

Regarding game settings…

If you have an older gpu I’d aim for 60fps not 120fps. I found for my aging 1080ti and running ultrawide resolution, the best settings for me were…

Ingame refresh set to 119hz (if you have a 120hz+ display) with vysnc on (I can’t stand screen tearing in any game). Then with nvidia inspector set vsync on and set it to ½ refresh to cap it at 60fps(if you have 120hz display, otherwise don’t select ½). I got smoother results with more responsive handling doing it this way rather than just setting it to 59hz in game.

Then set a frame limit of 60fps with rivatuner. Rivatuner’s limiter is good at smoothing out frame timings. I run this on every game and set the limit value to whatever fps I’m targeting.

Graphics settings…

All high except texture filtering very high & terrain quality very high.

If you’re struggling to maintain 60fps drop shadows and global illumination. Then try foliage down as well.

In post processing…

  • SSAO – low (hits performance on higher settings)
  • Reflections – low (removes terrible wet road reflections and wiper artifacting and improves performance).
  • I also turned off vignette, DOF, mblur and sharpen(sharpen looks crap).

Turn off nvidia reflex too. It does nothing except limit you to 58fps. Doesn’t help with responsiveness.

Next thing is to change a couple lines in the UserSettings.cfg file located at C:\Users\”your username”\Documents\My Games\WRCG

Change the folliwing 2 lines to be flase like so…

  • WRC.WindshieldReflection.Enabled = false;
  • WRC.WindshieldReflection.DashEnabled = false;

This will disable the crappy windshield reflections which are just distracting.

That should give you a much smoother and better experience.

Then remember to set the correct FOV for each car.

You need to go to options every time you first try a new car, and in the camera options change the FOV to your liking. I use -18 for my ultrawide and then set the position of the seat either forward or backwards as you like. You need to do this once for every new car and then it saves it for each. Don’t forget to also disable Dynamic FOV, unless you enjoy the screen warping in and out.

Next is wheel settings. I’m using a CSL DD, so those on different wheels might have different results.

In game I have wheel rotation set to 420.

All vibration settings at 100.

Then overall force at 50 (non DD wheels will want more) & everything else 100.

In fanatec profile:

  • Rotation 420
  • Damper 0
  • Int 1
  • FEI 100

Everything else default. I just created a new game profile for it in fanalabs, set the desired settings on the wheel, clicked save on the new profile in fanalabs and selected it as default. Now it will load those settings to the wheel every time the game is launched automatically.

Hope that helps some folks.

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