X4: Foundations – Production-Chain Flowchart

Check out this brain-friendly flowchart and become more proactive in your product production! Good profits!

Production-Chain Flowchart

What process does a product go through to become a final product? X4’s production chain is a total brain-buster!

Hmm… What is a “Quantum Tubes”? How to produce the “Superfluid Coolant” required to make it? …So, what can I make from “Quantum Tubes”?

Production is an important element in the game, and it is possible to start with a limited budget. It would be a shame to just steer the ship to the end and miss out on other possibilities just because things seem complicated. By strategically considering production, the world of X4 becomes more intricate, enhancing the overall enjoyment and appeal of the game.

Therefore, I created a flowchart that is intuitive and easy to understand at a glance.

The chart is divided into 3 sections: Global Economy, Closed-loop Economy, and Terran Economy.

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Created by astlune

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