Hero’s Adventure: Road to Passion – How to Get Legendary or Epic Fist Gloves and Equipment

Legendary or Epic Fist Gloves and Equipment

My first legendary fist weapon was bought on the invited night auction(after you resolved the 9 sect problems in the 3 cities).

The epic can drop from random enemies in the map(the battles that have skulls in then).

As for legendary internal:

  • There is the one that master fives after the rejuvenation pond.
  • In the wuxia mountain pass, if you aproach the cliff twice, there is a prompt to spend stamina to go down(u need 20 str or 20 dex or 20 hope I believe), there is a grave down there with one.
  • You can steal books from the monks in the temple at night, by going to the right of the pagoda, you need around 400 qiqong i think to get to the 3rd floor, you also need a book from the second floor that translates sanskrit needed to read the one in the 3rd(its the vainarocana something). after you finish it you gain a legendary internal manual.

Those are the ones that i already got and remember, i’m currently on the ice prison so there is probably more.

Other things that you can do to get stronger should be gaining stats, you can get a lot in the jiuli tribe by being experimented on by miao caidi.

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  1. I get one after I kill and wipe out the 9 sect people, you can get purple weapon from farming the random world boss thou.

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