Conan Exiles – Quick & Easy Crafting Guide

Journeys and crafting: a temporary solution.

Easy Guide to Crafting

Note: Credit goes to Beraic


This guide is my quick and easy solution to working towards my goal of moving North.

One of the issues in my games is the desire to build further North, but I cant until I level up some and travel there – but in order to achieve that I must complete Journeys to unlock and craft items.

In order to do that without Console Command Shortcuts (cheats), I need to craft better gear & weapons. My dilemma is needing to build the crafting stations, but at the same time not wanting something extravagant to destroy and rebuild somewhere else.

So a temporary solution is what I was trying to find. In addition to making a temporary crafting area and shelter, the every present “uneven” ground presents another hurdle.


  1. Using a foundation resolves the issue of uneven ground.

Since this is early game basic building material is used.

  1. Raise the foundation block depending on the ground at the area/spot you are using.
  2. Drop a 4×4 section of foundation block.

No walls being added.

  1. Start doing Journeys to “unlock” crafting skills and stations.
  2. As you unlock and build crafting stations, place them around the Edge of your foundation.

As a bonus, at least for me, always wanting to line things up, the edge provides a guide for placement.

  1. This 4×4 layout allows me to place, as I unlocked them: Tannery, Tanner’s Table, Furnace, Blacksmith’s Bench, Armorer’s Bench, Carpenter’s Bench, Firebowl Cauldron, and Dryer. I left one spot open for area access and placed my Well just outside. (needed to build to unlock another skill)
  2. This is still somewhat early game, so I am skipping Alchemy, Artisan and Tinker Station until I move to my permanent location (North).

Amusingly the game decided to give me a Sandstorm as I was running setting up stations, so I quickly drop 2 more foundation blocks (at far end of image1- see last image above) and made a quick 1×2 shelter with a roof. I did not have much health left once I get inside, barely made it.

I placed my bedroll inside and added a nicer looking roof once I unlocked it.


I thought there may be other newer players that could use this as a starting point. Veteran Players have probably long since figured out what works best for them.

Nothing fancy – no walls etc – just allowing access without any fuss to crafting so I can level and gear my character.

Once I get better gear, steel weapons & tools, I will begin my journey north for my permanent build. By that time I will have access to upgraded building materials, upgraded crafting stations and it is just a matter of gathering again and placing my upgraded crafting stations – and finding Thralls to do the work.

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