Against the Storm – How to Make Tools

Can’t find any way to build your tools? Read below few tips.

Tools Tips

For the tutorial you start the level with the Simple Tools already. The glade event requires three slots of various resources, and this part of the tutorial is about teaching you how to choose the cost you want to pay. From memory:

  • Simple Tools is a fixed cost, but you already have enough.
  • One of the slots can be paid with wood or planks, so you can choose either, and…
  • The other slot defaults to a resource that you can’t get in the tutorial so you have to learn how to choose the other option (Fabric (The “quest-style” tracking of the order also tells you to do this)).

Tools are an advanced product requiring multiple stages to create. You need a resource extractor of either a mine for copper, a dew collector for water slowly or a water pump for water fast. Thankfully these builds are included in your basic buildings.

Then you need to smith the raw resource into bars, copper into copper bars or water into sparkdew bars, several buildings do this:

  • Grove, Brickyard, Smelter, Alchemist Hut, Grill, Furnace, Stamping Mill.

Finally you need a building to turn the bars into tools: Carpenter, Smithy, Toolshop, Tinkerer, Scribe.

Created by Bukkfrig

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